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2012. Copper peapod with four malachite peas. On 18" Buna cord, SOLD ($44.) 2012. Copper soybean pod with organic soybeans. On adjustable-length silk ribbon, SOLD ($44.) at Museum of the Grand Prairie in Mahomet, IL. 2012. Peapod with four bronze pearls. On 18" silicone cord with Sterling silver clasp. ($35.)
2012. Textured and patinated bronze tabs with amazonite cubes. On Sterling silver wires, ($32.) 2012. Bronze, copper and brass tabs, textured with rosemary, ginkgo, oak and other organic materials, and patinated. On leather cord with copper chain. Close-up view. ($75.) 2012. Sweet Peruvian opal bound in copper, on 18" Sterling silver Figaro chain with surprise rainbow moonstones. ($60.)
2012. These reversible tabs have an Art Deco-ish look in green with orange, aqua and violet accents. Artisan Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2012. "Betty Rubble" bracelet with freshwater pearl. ($64.) 2012. Green geometric feathers, with a touch of sky blue and a dash of orange. Below 6mm jade beads on 14k gold-filled wires. ($35.)
2012. Labradorite and freshwater pearl, this time with 24k vermeil accent on 14k gold-filled wires, ($25.) 2012. Amethysts, peridots, carnelians, oh my! Dangling merrily from Sterling silver ovals, on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($40.) 2012. Moss agate beads and slabs, a large portion of which is breathtakingly transparent. Sterling silver earwires and embellishment. ($44). A similar set in 14k gold-fill, also sold.
2012. Fun with bits of clay. The translucence of the colors here reminds me of gumdrops, but these are so much more elegant. Topped with fire opal buttons, on Sterling silver earwires, ($32.) 2012. Similar construction in white, pinks, and dusty aqua, with gold accents. On 14k Gold-filled earwires, ($30.) 2012. Same technique, different look, in turquoise and compatible colors. With stone turquoises on Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2012. Petite 6mm zoisite beads (with ruby inclusions) in copper bands on artisan Sterling wires. ($38.) 2012. Rustic copper tabs enamelled with fine silver leaf. On Sterling silver artisan earwires, ($28.) 2012. Blue enamelled copper rectangle earrings with faint ruby floral graphic. Artisan Sterling silver wires, ($32.)
2012. Tabs with Chinese writing on faux ivory with jade. Sterling silver earwires, ($28.) 2012. Reversible silver polymer woodgrain shields (front is brick-red wood-grain), on artisan Sterling silver wires. ($30.) 2012. Sky-blue "tree ring" feathers on artisan Sterling silver wires. ($30.)
2012. Woven copper foil and paper pendant, on soldered 20" copper chain. ($60.) 2012. Real soybeans, bound in a copper pod. On 17.5" Sterling silver figaro chain, ($52.) 2012. Standing bird copper pendant on soft black leather lacing cord with Sterling silver clasp, ($35.)
2012. Reversible faux-grain tabs. (Other side.) Artisan wires, ($30.) 2012. Colorful, dimensional tube mosaic in Sterling silver frame. On 17.5" 3mm Buna-N cord with Sterling silver clasp.( $55.) 2012. Blue-marbled feathers with labradorite buttons. Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2012. Deep carnelian round contrasts with turquoise, apatite and amazonite shapes dancing below a Sterling silver oval. Sterling silver wires, ($48.) 2012. Apple coral barrels with Sterling silver rondells. Sterling silver wires, ($32.) 2012. Sterling silver flourishes with crystal quartz briolettes. Artisan Sterling silver earwires, ($30.)
2012. Gold "tree ring" surfboards with 6mm jade. Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2012. Blue "tree ring" feathers with garnet tabs. 14k gold-filled wires, ($30.) 2012. Reversible polymer red garden tabs (reverse is faux moss agate) on artisan Sterling silver wires, with 5mm jade beads. ($30.)
2012 Lots of polymer tiger eye beads, with black onyx, and three anticlasted brass rings. About 19". ($95.) 2012. Copper cuff bracelet with raven freshwater pearl. ($50.) 2012. Three anticlastic copper rings on 18" Buna-N cord, with Sterling silver clasp. ($44.)
2012. Misty pink polymer dot post earrings, with gold foil stripes. ($25.) 2012. Full-figure polymer amethyst chakra goddess, on adjustable-length Buna-N cord. ($40.) 2012. Ring around the moon on a late winter night. Polymer brooch, ($24.)
2012. Just faceted clear aqua apatite buttons on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2012. Lightweight copper cuff with woven bands of 24ga and 26ga copper. Medium size. ($65.) 2012. Dawn redwood impressions in copper. On Sterling silver wires, ($32.)
2012. Honeysuckle pink and burgundy on light green. With 5.5mm jade beads On Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2012. Relief spirals in gilded purple, with amethyst beads. On 14k gold-filled wires, ($32) 2012. Honeysuckle pink and burgundy on black, with rose quartz hexagonal tubes. On 14/20 no-slip, twisted gold-filled wires, ($30.)
2012. Red and turquoise, with faceted turquoise square, on no-slip 14k gold-filled earwires, ($28.) 2012. Tropical morning polymer tab earrings, with lemon chrysoprase, Sterling silver wires, ($28). 2012. Delicate Sterling chains with tiny (1mm) garnet links suspend a ring of Sterling silver. 18", ($35.)
2012. Square white freshwater "coin" pearls on 14k gold-filled earwires, ($25.) 2012. Five textured copper "stones" (they're actually domes, so very lightweight), with lapis beads on solid copper chain. ($80.) 2012. Hand-forged copper tubes, encircled in bronze, with 4mm lapis lazuli beads on artisan Sterling silver earwires. ($38.)
2012. Heat-patinated copper with fine silver and Sterling silver accents. On Sterling silver 18" Omega chain ($55.) 2012. Lavender blues. I made the textured blue beads (closer view) for this necklace last fall, and had to wait for them to tell me which other beads they wanted to hang out with: blues, violets, and silver, they said, lots of silver. So here you are.The final result contains lapis, amethyst and blue chalcedony (and some polymer clay beads that are indistinguishable from the blue chalcedony until you touch them (they're warmer). There is an artist-made Sterling silver toggle clasp. Total length is 20.5". ($158)
2012. Knitter's pin. Real knitted fabric on tiny bamboo needles. ($28)
2012. Copper cuff with rainbow moonstones and mosaic shell beads woven on fine silver. ($80) 2012. Long drops of amber, Sterling silver wires, ($25.) 2012. Stacked turquoise discs, with spacers so they wiggle a little--I like that! 14k gold-filled earwires, ($28.)
2012. Sterling silver tubes with blue-flash labradorite beads. On artisan Sterling silver wires, ($32). 2012. Blue-flashing labradorite beads cozily ensconced in Sterling silver. Artisan Sterling silver earwires, ($44.) 2012. Sterling silver tubes with black onyx and rainbow moonstone beads. On artisan Sterling silver wires, ($32).
2012. Klimt-inspired polymer tabs in gold, silver, red and black. With chocolate freshwater pearls on 14k gold-filled wires,( $30.) 2012. Denim blue beads with lapis accents, on 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2012. Mid-century modern in cobalt blue, sea mist, and sand. Small tabs topped by serpentine beads. 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.)
2012. Bronze ruffle leaf brooch, about 3" long. ($48.) 2012. A party of shades and shapes of violet, green and red-orange: amethyst, carnelian, peridot, turquoise and bamboo coral. Sterling silver leverback wires, ($64.) 2012. Hammered copper discs with turquoises and aquamarine. Sterling silver wires, ($36.)
2012. Pearly copper textured post earrings. Sterling silver posts, ($25.) 2012. Night garden. Black tabs with orange and yellow flowers with strappy green foliage. On Argentium Sterling silver wires with green chalk turquoise, ($28.) 2012. Textures bracelet--a polymer focal in a heavy Sterling silver band, with sand-colored polymer tiles and turquoise and apatite chips. Sterling and amazonite counterweight keeps the focal on top. Medium size, ($100.) Larger image
2012. Petite copper oval with green patina squiggle, on 16" Sterling silver rolo chain, ($38.) 2012. Textured "growth rings" tri-arc pendant, on adjustable length synthetic rubber cord. All polymer, beads made in my studio.( $35) 2012. Gold sunburst feathers, light blue background. with lustrous gold freshwater pearls. 14k gold-filled wires, ($28).
2012. Architectural polymer granite tabs, with composition gold leaf and pyrite. 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2012. Textures bracelet--aqua terra jasper, with Antique Gold polymer tiles, complemente by amber, citrine and apatite chips. Aqua terra jasper counterweight keeps the focal on top. Size Small, ($100.) 2012. Two switchplates with glow in the dark moons. ($26 each).
2012. Art Nouveau-inspired drops with chunky, golden freshwater pearls. 14k-goldfilled wires, ($28.). 2012. Purple mist polymer cabochon in hammered copper frame. On 17" Stainless steel bead chain, ($30.) 2012. Polymer beads with an abstract, organic pattern (one of my favorites--don't know what I'll do if I ever use up this cane), complemented here with smoky quartz rounds (also available without). Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2012. Reversible polymer poppy-image tabs (reverse is golden wood-grain) on artisan 14k gold-filled wires. ($30.) 2012. The first pair of reversible earrings, SOLD before it was ever shown publicly. Reverse side 2012. Four unique polymer peas in a copper pod. On 20" deerskin cord, with artisan Sterling silver clasp, ($48.) More peas and beans
2012. Polished copper eucalyptus leaves, with jade. Sterling silver wires, ($42.) 2012. Spinning ring: wide copper band, with freely moving hammered Sterling silver satellite. ($40.) 2012. Brass dragonfly pin with "gilded" copper wings, freshwater pearl head, and amethyst tail. ($75.) More insect jewelry
2012. Lapis textured polymer, with 6mm lapis lazuli beads. On Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2012. Retro Klimt-inspired polymer dots, 1 cm across, in gold, silver, red and black. Sterling silver posts, ($28.) 2012. Red calla lily with silver freshwater pearl center and Sterling silver base. Sterling silver wires, ($35.)
2012. Brass spiral on copper, held in place by sheet mica and sterling silver rivets. On 18" silicone cord with sterling silver clasp. ($38.) 2012. The spider has gone AWOL from this copper brooch, leaving her blue coral prey in a web heavy with moonstone dew. SOLD ($40.) 2012. Peacock biwa pearl captured in a heavy Sterling silver frame. On 18" 3mm Buna-N cord, with Sterling silver clasp. ($58.)
2012. Honeysuckle pink morning glories, with labradorite, on Sterling silver wires. ($28.) 2012. Ghost-image polymer pendant on leather cord with artisan copper beads. Sterling silver clasp, ($40.) 2012. Gilded barnacle-textured polymer clay on adjustable-length Buna-N cord, ($28.)
2012. Tiny watch parts, with a few 2mm garnets. 14k gold-filled chain, ($60.) 2012. B-I-G leaf brooch--about 3-1/2" long. Heat-patina copper, with soldered clasp. Made from an actual sage leaf. ($32.) 2012. Copper beanpod with verdigris and real soybeans. On Buna-N cord with Sterling silver clasp. ($40.)
2012. Bronze textured polymer shapes, with chocolate freshwater pearls. On Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2012. Open oval copper bezel with fern motif polymer cabochon, on 26" truffle ribbon. Sterling silver artisan clasp. ($45). 2012. Polymer glimmer dots, 1 cm across, in shades of blue and lavender. Sterling silver posts,($28.)
2012. Auburn coin pearls bound in 14k gold-filled wire. On 14k gold-filled earwires, ($28). 2012. New take on amethyst-carnelian-peridot: Slender silver tubes! Handcrafted Sterling silver earwires, ($38.) 2012. Large zoisite beads with ruby, in handcrafted copper bands. Handcrafted Sterling silver earwires. ($38.)
2012 Beach skies earrings. Polymer and moonstone, Sterling silver. ($32.) 2012. Copper windows III, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, ($28) 2012. Dark green polymer calla lily shading to glowing gold. White freshwater pearl center and gold-filled base. 14k gold-filled wires. ($35.)
2012. Abalone and sterling silver ring, ($45.) Still one available. 2012. Small bright copper butterfly brooch, ($40.) 2012. Seafoam enamelled concave copper discs with Sterling silver granules. Handcrafted Sterling silver earwires, SOLD ($30.)

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