ALL NEW! And lots of it--it's been a while, and I've been busy. But these pieces will be retired to other pages or cozy corners of the database when next month's brand new pieces are posted. Look while you can!

Five hammered silver rings coralled on a delicate Sterling silver chain, $59.

Dragonfly brooch of polymer clay and Sterling silver. $48.

Hammered copper vesica with turquoise and opalescent polymer clay. Sterling silver wires, $38. More this shape

Copper ovals with impressions of thyme. Sterling silver wires with jade, $28. NEW: Breastfeeding rings. Bead flips over to show "L" on other side. Each $35.
Hammered Sterling silver discs with amber. Sterling silver wires, $36.

Sunset garden in forged and fabricated copper frame. Adjustable Buna-N cord, $44. More pendants

Gentle trapezoid collage of moonstone, apatite, amazonite,amethyst and aquamarine, on 16" Sterling silver Omega chain. $90. Thyme leaves on copper, Suede cord, 18", Sterling silver clasp. $45.


Rectangular pillows of multicolored moukaite jasper, with a coordinating ghost imaged polymer clay pendant. $124.Closer view... Herb band rings. All copper: mint, sage, and thyme. Each $35.

Brilliant carnelian, jade, amethyst, peridot and green chalk turquoise, in a gold-filled stylized leaf frame. Dapped 16" 14kt. gold-filled chain, $79.

Orange and yellow flowers on a navy background in patchwork with faux wood and faux shell. $26. More switchplates...

Wishing stone pendant. Polymer clay on 18" buna-N cord. $35.

Dapped oval copper mint leaf medallion on 18" Sterling silver snake chain, $49.
Five slightly domed copper spirals with secure toggle nestle comfortably around the wrist. $60. Drilled faux stone with pearls. Sterling silver wires, $30. Freshwater pearls bound in wood rings, on 14kt gold-filled wires. $28.
Ocean jasper rectangles, each one different (that's the glory of ocean jasper, from under the sea off Madagascar). About 17" long, $120. Closer view... Fanciful gazania on polymer clay "wood". Adjustable-length satin ribbon, $35. A swirl of green leaves on decorate this intricately patterned red tab.Sterling silver 17" Figaro chain, $30.
Large copper medallion (about 2" x 1.25") on 24" rubber cord. Sterling silver clasp. $45.

Endless strand of individually made "watercolor" polymer clay beads with glass accents. $150.

Sterling silver breastfeeding ring, $45.
Aquatic and floral nightlights donated to A Woman's Place in Urbana, Illinois.
Turquoise and navy chrysanthemums on ivory polymer clay with lots of silver foil. On adjustable-length Buna-N cord, $35.
Domed copper discs with malachite columns. Sterling silver wires, $36.
Copper snail scarf buckle (shawl pin). $28. Rose quartz with freshwater pearls, on 18" Sterling silver long-and-short chain, $59. Plaid polymer pendant on adjustable-length Buna-N cord, $35.

© Georgia Morgan

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