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New from the Studio. Just in time for holiday shopping... (I have been very busy!)

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Polymer textures bracelet--a polymer focal in a copper band, with polymer chips and poppy jasper. Large size, $100.

Proud silver-capped shorebird in copper, on 20" deerskin lace, with Sterling silver clasp. $40.

Textures bracelet--aqua terra jasper, with Antique Gold polymer tiles, complemente by amber, citrine and apatite chips. Aqua terra jasper counterweight keeps the focal on top. Size Small, SOLD ($100.) (For Medium, see New in Summer 2011
Orphan beads amassed over several years decorate a 14k-gold filled chain which converts to a charm bracelet. $100. Larger image
Midnight garden polymer brooch, prong-mounted on copper. At Illinois State Museum Gift Shop at Dickson Mounds. $40.

Making switchplates and outlet covers with clay sheets often means that there are beautiful regular-shaped pieces left over, and they sometimes become beads like this one. On an 18.5" Buna-N cord with artisan-made clasp. $35.

Large copper moth brooch, SOLD ($40.)
Articulated textured copper bangle, with fossilized coral focal. Sterling silver clasp, $60. Size small.
Small bright copper butterfly brooch, SOLD ($40.)
Purple mist polymer cabochon in hammered copper frame. On 17" Stainless steel bead chain, ($30.) Big slice of agate (about 3" from top to bottom), tab-mounted on copper. Adjustable-length suede leather cord, $40. Misty purple steampunk necklace: watchparts and enamel on copper. On 17.5" leather cord with Sterling silver clasp. $35.

Beach party! Polymer feathers in turquoise, violet and deep red-orange. With chunky, golden freshwater pearls, on Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.) More this shape

Polymer beads with an abstract, organic pattern (one of my favorites--don't know what I'll do if I ever use up this cane), complemented here with smoky quartz rounds (also available without). Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.)

A pearly experiment with one of my favorite colorways, paired with matching jade. Sterling silver wires, $30

More this shape

Mirror-image polymer butterfly-wing segments with turquoise cubes, on Sterling silver wires. $28.
Full-figure polymer amethyst chakra goddess, on adjustable-length Buna-N cord. SOLD ($40.)
Hosta leaf earrings, with light blue polymer beads. Sterling silver wires, $32.
Copper ring with black scale-patterned polymer, band hammered from a washer. SOLD ($45.) Anticlastic copper ring on 18" Buna-N cord, with a petite copper tube. Sterling silver clasp, SOLD ($35.) Wider band copper ring with patterned polymer. Approx. size 5, SOLD ($45.)
Long drops of amber, Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($25.)
Art Nouveau-inspired drops with chunky, golden freshwater pearls. 14k-goldfilled wires, SOLD ($28.).
Honey amber barrels atop tigereye polymer. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($34.)


Concave oval copper disc with mounted labradorite bead. On 18" silicone cord with Sterling silver clasp. SOLD ($35).
Tiny knotted lapis tubes, with 14k-goldfilled clasp, 17". $110. Matching earrings, $25.

Petite concave oval disc with mounted turquoise. On 16" Sterling silver cable chain, SOLD ($35.)

Polymer cushion bead in "new-growth" green, bound in textured, electroformed copper. On 18" suede leather cord, with Sterling silver clasp. $38.
Petite copper calla lily with platinum freshwater pearl center. On 18" 14k-goldfilled double rope chain. $60.
Irregular shapes of sky-blue enamelled copper swing freely below bright cubes of flower jasper. Sterling silver wires, $28.

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