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New from the Studio. Lots more metal again, and new ideas from the clay studio--and lots of turquoise, as promised!These pieces are all brand new, and will be retired to other pages or cozy corners of the database when the next page of brand new work is posted. Look while you can!

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As promised, a BIG spiderweb pin, with (more-or-less) life-size, anatomically correct garden spider, and prey!. Copper and German silver. $48. Copper foil woven with birchbark from the front yard. Soldered copper chain with artisan clasp. $48.
Studio-made copper Star of David, on 18" soldered copper chain, $40.
Plumeria petal earrings, in coleus colors, with garnets. On 14k gold-filled wires, $36. Coleus-colors lei, after some arrangements in the White Flowers Farm catalog. A full 21" of petals, with garnets, peridot, and moukaite. Studio-made 14k gold-filled clasp. $225. Another view Garnet-red Plumeria petal earrings, with garnets. On Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.)
Nice angling! Diagonal Sterling and fine silver fish on 16" silicone cord with Sterling silver clasp. SOLD ($65.) Another beach colors necklace--I continue to enjoy working with aqua and ochres-- almost entirely in stones: nineteen inches of fossilized coral, amazonite, flower jasper, moukaite jasper, rutilated quartz, citrine, and one polymer bead. 14k gold-filled clasp, $115.

Rutilated quartz with woven copper foil. 14k gold-filled wires, SOLD ($36). More this shape...

Links of turquoise chips in Argentium Sterling silver frames. Magnetic clasp with safety chain, 7-3/4". $87. Close-up view. Turquoise lozenges and cubes, on Sterling silver cable. Sterling silver clasp, 19". SOLD ($90.) Stacked turquoise discs, with spacers so they wiggle a little--I like that! 14k gold-filled earwires, $28.
Wilma Flintstone bracelet. Polymer stones on elastic cord. $64.

Eleven drilled polymer pebbles, each one different, just like real pebbles. On suede cord with Sterling silver and copper artisan clasp. Necklace is 18" long, and very light weight (NOT like real pebbles). $48. At

OK, these ARE real stones--they appear to have a lot of quartz in them, because they're pretty translucent. $25.

Copper discs with German Silver spiral hammered inlay. On Sterling silver earwires, with mosaic shell ornament. $30. Smooth and shiny copper faux stones, with copper color baroque coin pearls. Soldered copper chain. Necklace length is 19". $60. Seven copper faux stones with different textures. Soldered copper chain with pyrites, copper clasp. Necklace length is 19". SOLD ($60.)
I think this color combination came to me in a dream; it still makes me smile. Polymer feather earrings with amber. Sterling silver earwires, $28. More this shape... Orange and turquoise dots on brown polymer, in studio-made copper bezel. Black synthetic rubber cord with Sterling silver clasp, 18". $40. Dot-in-dot polymer dot earrings, brown with turquoise and glowing orange. Sterling silver posts, $25.



4mm turquoise beads sit atop very clear carnelian beads. Sterling silver spacer and earwires. $25.

Turquoise ovals glow above lightweight tabs of copper foil and paper, woven in my studio. 14k gold-filled ear wires, $36.

Poppy jasper and turquoise--a more antique look. Sterling silver spacer and wires, $25.



Lightweight copper chain held below a dainty aquamarine bead. On Sterling silver wires, $28. With dark freshwater pearl (also $28) Rows of copper chain line up beneath a copper and pearl girandole. Sterling silver wires, $34. Copper chains bound at both ends by tiny amazonite cubes. On Sterling silver wires, $28.

Knitter's pin. Real knitted fabric on tiny bamboo needles. $28 . White Tweed at in Orange Tweed.

Outlet cover, faux wood and mosaic in shades of turquoise and brown. $26. More switchplates...

Complex textured purple background breastfeeding pendant. On an adjustable-length cord, the perfect thing to keep baby's hand occupied with something besides mom's earrings, glasses, or facial features. $30.

Faux wood polymer clay "boards", with ridged peacock freshwater pearls. Sterling silver earwires, $30.

Polymer clay tidepool beads with bright carnelians. On Sterling silver wires, $30.

Floral hamsa earrings with red bamboo coral. On Sterling silver earwires, $28.

Textured copper with green patina, paired with milk chocolate freshwater pearls. Sterling silver earwires, $28. In dark chocolate, also $28. Hammered diagonally cut tabs of Argentium Sterling dangle below glowing fire opal buttons. Sterling silver earwires, SOLD ($28.) Hammered inlay squiggles, with silver bullet freshwater pearls. Sterling silver earwires, SOLD ($30.)

Silvery blue moon post earrings, about 3/8" (1cm) in diameter. Sterling silver posts. $25.

Turquoise, brick red, and iridescent green post earrings, about 3/8" (1cm) in diameter. Sterling silver posts. $25.

Cyan, Magenta and Yellowgreen Harlequin post earrings, about 3/8" (1cm) in diameter. Sterling silver posts. $25.

Turquoise, dark red, shades of gold and green decorate this heart which hangs securely on an 18" gold-filled Figaro chain. $38. Sleek and sophisticated, turquoise and red in a studio-made Sterling silver frame. On 18" of 3mm black rubber, Sterling silver clasp. SOLD ($42.) Here, turquoise, red, and golds and greens, with real turquoise, on Sterling silver ear wires. $28.

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