Georgia Morgan

New from the Studio. Sneak previewof work debuting at Mom's Day Art Fair at the Illini Union, April 17, 2010.

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Real soybeans laced into a copper pod, on 18" Sterling silver snake chain. $52. Four polymer peas in a copper pod, with integral silverplated copper bail and tendril. On adjustable-length hemmed silk ribbon, SOLD ($30.)
Four jade peas in a copper pod, on 18" Sterling silver snake chain. SOLD ($48.)
"Dragonfly wing" brass tabs with chocolate freshwater pearl, on Sterling silver wires. $28. Textured "growth rings" tri-arc pendant, on adjustable length synthetic rubber cord. All polymer, beads made in my studio. $35 Can't get away from the beach colors! Polished natural shell squares dangle below smooth polymer tube beads. Sterling silver earwires, SOLD ($36.)
Green and gold "heart in hand" earrings, with green chalk turquoise, on 14k gold-filled wires. $28. At Bound copper Star of David on sturdy soldered copper chain. $40. At

Gold hamsa (or tulip) on intricate violet background, with surface texture treatment. Suitable for distracting babies who want your earrings, glasses, nose, etc. On brown nylon cord. $30.

Can't get enough of the amethyst-peridot-carnelian combination. Here, in Sterling silver, with green chalk turquoise. Sterling Leverback earwires. SOLD ( $44.) Faceted garnets and peridots. 14k gold-filled wires, SOLD ($25.) More amethyst, carnelian, and peridot beads, on a delicate chain 14k gold-filled, leverback earwires, SOLD ($44.)
Red and turquoise, with faceted turquoise square, on no-slip 14k gold-filled earwires, $28.

Textured, secure, with no sharp corners, red raised floral pattern on turquoise ground. Suitable for distracting babies who want your earrings, glasses, nose, etc. On adjustable-length satin cord. $30. Similar textured pendant in lavender...

Turquoise and red, with lumninescent zoisaite, on Sterling silver earwires, $28.

Hammered Sterling silver with golden amber. Sterling silver earwires, $44. Optical dots of turquoise and golden amber, on warm brown. In artist-made Sterling silver open "bezel". Synthetic rubber cord with Sterling silver clasp, 18". SOLD($44.) Solid Sterling silver Indian heads with coral and lapis beads. Sterling silver earwires, $40.
Fanciful gazanias with carnelian. Sterling silver earwires, $28. Sterling and copper butterfly brooch, about 2.5" across, SOLD ($34.) Antiqued polymer lozenges, bound in copper tape.14k gold-filled earwires, SOLD ($28.)



Faceted amber chunks with substantial Bali-style Sterling silver. Sterling earwires, $32.

Silky smooth rectangles of mother-of-pearl, with rose quartz. And a little fire opal rondelle. Sterling silver earwires, $28.

I love this aqua terra jasper. These are 10mm diameter, on Sterling silver earwires. $25.



Shades of purple with neutrals, black and white. Mostly polymer beads hand-made in my studio, with a few natural wood beads. Sterling silver clasp, 22" long. ($125.) Natural clam shell from Florida (collected by my granddaughters) in a waxed linen net. Copper and brass bail, 16" silicone cord. $25. Retro squares of turquoise, magenta, yellow and silver in a curved polymer tube bead. On 18" leather cord, Sterling silver clasp, $25.



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