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ALL NEW! New work inspired by spring workshops. But these pieces will be retired to other pages or cozy corners of the database when next month's brand new pieces are posted. Look while you can!

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Caught in a net: a hollow polymer clay form shading from coral to olive. Waxed linen net, With Sterling silver clasp on Buna-N cord. $49. At

Steampunk comes to One of A Kind: aluminum mesh sandwiched between mica and heat-patinated copper, all held in place by Sterling silver rivets. With labradorite on Sterling silver wires, $32.

Colors reminiscent of coleus, below a textured white coin pearl. Sterling silver wires, $30. More this shape


Copper soybean pod with real soybeans, bound in with Sterling silver wire. Sterling silver clasp on 18" Buna-N cord, $49.

Heat-patinated copper foil, woven with cardstock in shades lavender. Sterling silver wires, with amethyst chips. SOLD ($36.)

Elegant heat-patinated patterned copper, with labradorite, on Sterling silver wires $30. More this shape...

Polymer clay drops, scrap copper, washers and gaskets, glass beads from a grab bag. These earrings started as an exercise in a workshop, but they have really grown on me. The head-on view is quite different from the view from the side, and both are "fronts" in an earring, so it's almost like wearing two pairs of earrings at once. Sterling silver earwires. At

Special order calla lily earrings for a July wedding: champagne lilies with silver pearl centers. Sterling silver wires. Floral pattern embossed onto copper sheet. With faceted turquoises, Sterling silver wires. $32.


Copper leaf-shape pendant with copper tendrils and bindng for polymer clay lozenge with daisy image. Adjustable length Buna-N cord, $35. Heat-patina'ed copper foil woven with patterned cardstock. Pendant, on adjustable-length Buna-N cord, $35.

I never saw a purple zebra--until now. Lavender blue polymer clay tabs with silver stripes. Sterling silver wires with textured luminescent white coin pearls. $30.


Champagne blister pearls on 14k gold-filled wire. $28.

Hawaiian shirt earrings: fuchsia and lavender floral pattern on black, white, and green woodsy background. With amethysts, on Sterling silver wires. $28. At

Faux Victorian sunflower pendant with lots of stones: jade, green garnet, citrine, green turquoise, moss agate and aventurine. On Argentium Sterling silver chain. About 18". $79
Liliform pendant. At

Patinated copper pendant with fine silver. At

Glowing pink bougainvillea blossoms, about 3/8" across, dangle from green malachite stems. Sterling silver earwires. At auction to benefit Crisis Nursery
Fossilized coral ovals--don't they look like images of sunflowers? On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Blue leaf-shape fantasy image pendant, about 1.75" in length. On adjustable-length Buna-N cord,, $35. Heat-patinated copper "squilliform", on 18" silicone cord. $25.
Brass tabs imprinted with thyme from my garden. Heat-patina, with green chrysoprase nuggets, on Argentium Sterling silver wires. $28.
By popular request, pendants with tactile interest and no sharp or pointy parts, on adjustable-length, soft cords, suitable for babies to handle while nursing (instead of pulling mom's hair, for example). This one is reversible, on leather cord. $35.
Blue lagoon. Royal blue, green, black and gold are stunning with peridot and rainbow moonstone. Sterling silver wires, $28.

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