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New from the Studio.Flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!

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Tropical morning polymer tab earrings, with lemon chrysoprase, Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28). More this shape
Faceted citrines sparkle above polymer urban sunflowers. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($32.)

Faceted garnet teardrops support red lily polymer tabs. Sterling silver wires, $30.

Bronze ruffled cuff with white freshwater pearl, medium size. $50.
Small (about 1-3/8" long) copper leaf brooch with blue patina and turquoise. SOLD ($30.)
Ruffled copper cuff with peacock freshwater pearl, medium size. SOLD ($50.)
Matte black polymer tabs with lavender "dragons". On 14k gold-filled wires, with golden brown freshwater pearls. SOLD ($28.) Black and white and gold polymer and...faceted amber! Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($32.) Matte white polymer tabs with red-violet "geishas". On Sterling silver wires, with flower jasper cubes. SOLD ($28.)
.Real soybeans, bound in a copper pod. On 17.5" Sterling silver figaro chain, $52. Blue patina copper soybean pod with real soybeans. On 17.5" Buna-N cord with artisan clasp. SOLD ($48.) Copper beanpod with silver freshwater pearl "beans". On 18" Buna-N cord with Sterling silver clasp. SOLD ($48.)

Lavender and green polymer patchwork "feathers" with chrysanthemum overlay. Sterling silver wires with oval moonstones. $30
Tropical sunset polymer "feathers" with baroque white freshwater pearls on Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($30.) More this shape.
Wisteria in bloom on slim polymer shield shapes. Sterling silver wires with pale amethyst buttons, $28.
Brass and copper dragonfly with polymer head and tail. Sterling silver fibula catch. SOLD ($48.) Night garden. Black tabs with orange and yellow flowers with strappy green foliage. On Argentium Sterling silver wires with green chalk turquoise, SOLD ($28.) Copper and brass dragonfly brooch, with dichroic glass head and freshwater pearl tail. $80.
Small red roses on a black and white polymer background dangle beneath a tiny black onyx bead. On 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.)
Adjustable-length polymer breastfeeding pendant (safe for baby to handle, instead of your earrings), on leather cord. $35.
Tropical afternoon polymer tabs, with bronze freshwater pearl coins. 14k gold-filled wires, SOLD ($28.)


Dream tree brooch, polymer. SOLD ($24)
Summer evening garden brooch, polymer.SOLD ($24.)

Ring around the moon on a late winter night. Polymer brooch, SOLD ($24.)

Strips of cornhusk-textured copper with white freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.)
Banded double-viking knit copper with Sterling silver bands and freshwater pearl. Size medium or medium-large. $80.
Tiny bronze spiral on textured copper. Sterling silver chain. Donated to Crisis Nursery for June fundraising auction.
The polymer cane decorating the oval beads on these Sterling silver earwires is one of the first I made; and I made way too much of it, which is why I still have it, but it is still one of my favorites. These beads remind me of African beads. With lapis and Sterling silver, SOLD ($30.) Tropical evening polymer feather shapes, with black onyx, on twisted, no-slip 14k gold-fill wires. SOLD ($30.) The directions for this cane described it as "geometric". Not in my hands! These polymer lentils have an especially organic look. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.)


Crimson and cream polymer petals on Sterling silver wires, with 4mm garnet. SOLD ($28.) Polymer squid pendant on adjustable-length Buna-N cord. $36. A day at the beach. Polymer and Sterling silver, about 1" long. $30.
Apple coral barrels with Sterling silver rondells. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($32.) Stacked turquoise discs, Sterling silver wires. This was a special order, but I have material to make a few more pairs. Bamboo coral hexagonal barrels, with Bali-style silver beads. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($32.)
Faux paper polymer beads in festival colors, on fine Sterling silver chain. Total length: 17.5". $60. Tiny sky-blue turquoise tubes from the famed (and mined out) Sleeping Beauty mine. On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Watchparts with tiny gemstones: rubies (part of the watch), garnets, mother-of-pearl. On Sterling silver Figaro chain, 17.5". SOLD ($60.)
Impressionist polymer flowers, ripples on a pond. With jade, on twisted, no-slip 14k gold-filled wires, $30. Antique-look gildedpolymer feather shapes, with jade on Sterling silver wires. SOLD ($28.)
Green patchwork polymer tabs with jade.
On twisted, no-slip 14k gold-filled wires, SOLD ($30.)
Naturally, there is a new calla lily piece. Honeysuckle pink polymer blossom with peridot center and base, on 18" 14k gold-filled double rope chain. $49 at Tiny deep fuchsia polymer bougainvillea blossoms with peridot centers and bases. On Sterling silver wires, $30. Golden pansy polymer tabs with smoky quartz ovals on Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
Plique-a-jour look polymer oval beads, 14k gold-filled earwires, $28.
Tiny striped cyan-magenta-chatrtreuse polymer tabs jiggle merrily on niobium rings beneath 4mm turquoise beads. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28.)
Substantial (about 1/3" x 1") story polymer pendant in turquoise and ochre. Each face is different, and I see figures in each. On 18" silicone rubber cord, $35.

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