Georgia Morgan

New from the Studio. This is how I spent my summer in the studio.

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Copper dragonfly brooch, $40. Copper and Sterling silver butterfly pendant on adjustable-length periwinkle silk ribbon, $48. Copper lepidopteran brooch. $38.

Sterling silver soybean pod with real soybeans, on 16" Sterling silver snake chain. $62. More peas and beans...

Polished copper soybean pod with real soxbeans bound in fine silver (99.9% pure) wire. On 18" Sterling silver rolo chain, $48.
Copper soybean pod with silver freshwater pearl "beans". On 18" Sterling silver snake chain. SOLD ($52.)

Long gold feathers with red lilies. On studio-made spiral posts of 14k gold-filled wire. $35. More this shape... Three-lozenge necklace. Green patina polymer and 14k gold-filled chain, about 17.5". $60 Blue morning glory feather earrings with apatite. 14k gold-filled wires. $28.
Soldered copper wire butterfly brooch, $40. Sterling silver and copper dragonfly on 18" Silicone cord. SOLD ($52)

Copper dragonfly pendant on adjustable-length silk ribbon. $48

10mm amber beads on Sterling silver wires, with spirals in shades of purple. $28

Wood look (looks like yew, doesn't it?) tabs with red wood beads. On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. More this shape...

Relief spirals in gilded purple, with amethyst beads. On 14k gold-filled wires, $32

Petite copper oval with green patina squiggle, on 16" Sterling silver rolo chain, $38.

Brass spiral with copper and mica, on 18" silicone rubber cord. SOLD on ($35.)

Copper looped fish, 2-1/8" x 5/8", with a smaller rose quartz fish visible inside, wiggles friskily suspended from an 18" silicone cord with Sterling silver clasp. $49. at

Hammered  copper discs with heat patina, Sterling silver wires, $28.

Soldered rustic Star of David (Mogen Dovid), on 17" soldered copper chain. $42.

More Judaica...

Hammered copper discs with turquoises and aquamarine. Sterling silver wires, $36.
Copper beanpod with amazonite "beans", on adjustable length silk ribbon. Sold ($35) Blue lotus feathers with blue chalcedony. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28) Copper peapod with zoisitee "peas", on adjustable length silk ribbon. $46.



Copper windows I, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, $28.

Copper windows II, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, $28.

Copper windows III, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, $28.


Turquoise and red polymer ikat feather earrings with bamboo coral. Sterling silver wires, $28. Copper shapes with an organic curve. Sterling silver bead and earwires, $28. Faux cinnabar bead on 20"deerskin lace cord with Sterling silver clasp. $30.

Coppery brass filigree calla lily with garnet and jade. Sterling silver earwires, $32. .
Teeny weeny Sterling silver calla lily with white freshwater pearl. On 17" fine Sterling silver cable chain,
Brass filigree calla lily with amethyst and peridot. Sterling silver earwires, $32.
Copper tabs with hammered German silver inlay. Sterling silver wires, $28 Viking knit copper bracelet with copper and brass bands, and studio-made copper bead. $85 Standing bird copper pendant on soft black leather lacing cord with Sterling silver clasp, $35

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