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The POLYMER CLAY millefiori cane beads on this page are hand-shaped and finished, in a process that takes a minimum of two days to complete. Most of the complex designs here involve several layers of cane, of which I generally form a sheet and apply in strips to raw clay base beads. The beads are then shaped, pierced, heat-cured, sanded, buffed, sealed with a clear acrylic finish to preserve their gloss, and buffed again to bring out the depth of the design. (You can click the process words to see what that stage looks like.) Many of the images can be clicked for an enlarged view.

Unless otherwise noted, bead holes are small, like those in gemstone beads, as the beads are formed on a 24-gauge (= 1/50") mandrel.

(last updated late July 2005)

WILDFLOWERS. Inspired by nature, and some eyecandy posted on rec.crafts.beads, two translucent blue ovals (10mm x 15mm) with wildflowers scattered about. $7.

HOLLOW BARREL. Light as a feather, even though it measures 10mm x 28mm. $4.

DAISY, DAISY. A pair of 7mm black and white daisies on a pink core, with translucent pink glass spacers. $4. TURQUOISE SPOTS. I never get tired of this combination: turquoise, silver, and ivory. Realized here as a 13x29mm focal and two 8mm rounds. With four matte black glass spacers, $8. RUBY TUBES DAY. I made these seven glassy 14mm tubes for a special order before I remembered that I didn't have a deposit or a contact number. They have large holes (2mm) because they were going to be strung on cord for eyeglasses keepers. Only $7.
GILDED FLORAL MIST. A dozen 6mm pink floral beads with a misty gold overlay (detail), $24. CALYPSO. Colors of the caribbean with a silvery glitter. Four 8mm rounds with five translucent blue glass spacers, $8. SILVER GLITTER. Seven 9mm rounds, with translucent peach spacers. $12.
FAUX RED DICHRO. A pair of 8mm rounds with dichroic-appearing micro-glitter. $4. OPTICAL ILLUSION. These two beads are actually tetrahedrons, with 8mm x 15mm teardrop-shape faces showing black with composition gold leaf and silver with composition silver leaf. $4. SAPPHIRE AND PLATINUM. These large (24mm x 54mm) dangles with Sterling silver hardware are styled after a Van Cleef and Arpels design from half a century ago. $7.
KIMONO SILK pendants, 55mm x 18mm, with 14mm x 8mm oval cut-out topped by a hole for attaching a dangle. Gold-filled figure-8 wire loop at top. $7. CALLA LILY pendants. Two 27mm x 20mm apricot calla lilies with rainbow moonstone centers and freshwater pearl bases. Sterling silver loop and headpin. $10 for this pair. More calla lilies... BLACK FLORAL TUBES. Four 6mm x 12mm tubes with a pink floral design. Green glass spacers included. $4.50.

NEW! CLASPS. Bayonet clasps in every color of the rainbow, and then some. Easy to open, click closed, 10mm. Just $4 each. Available in both goldplated and silverplated. More clasps...

GEM TONES. "Jewel tones" doesn't begin to describe these 9mm beads, which swirl the colors of lapis, rhodocrosite, and peridot. Ten beads, dripping gold, $20.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: eye beads. I'm going to plead complete ignorance of the mystique of this motif, but I was motivated by the challenge of making an eye, and having, as yet, no cause to try a face cane. From left, front and rear views of Rainforest Eye bead, Turquoise Spiral Eye bead, and Gold and Silver Eye bead. Three 15mm beads (2mm holes), $4 each.

LAVENDER BLUE, DILLY-DILLY, LAVENDER GREEN. My mother used to sing me a nursery rhyme with those words, which I never understood. These misty 11mm beads are periwinkle blue with green and gold (appropriate, I suppose, because the rest of the verse is: When I am king, Dilly-dilly, you will be queen). Eleven beads, $22
FAUX MOUKAITE. Two humongous cabochon beads (29 x 40mm and 31 x 51mm). $4 each. I saw some large moukaite beads in a catalog, and they were these misty shades of opaque lavender with yellow ochre accents, and I ordered them. When they came, they were an almost uniform color somewhere between burgundy and dark chocolate. So I decided to roll my own. The holes in these run lengthwise; they make great pendants.

DUSKY TWIST. Eight beads with twisted stripes of oxidized silver, copper, blue and pearl (detail), ranging from 5mm rounds to 6 x 23mm. $16, glass spacers included.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. Each of these beads has a dark side (think caramel swirled with pearl sauce) and a light side (pearly violet and lavender). Intricate all-over cloissonne-like pattern. Ten 11mm beads, $20. MIAMI BEACH. Five substantial (10mm x 20mm) ovals in luscious tropical turquoise, coral and ivory. Small holes, $10. MIDNIGHT GARDEN. Eleven super glassy black glitter barrel beads (7.5mm x 10mm) with orchid-colored wildflowers (detail). $22, including black glass spacer beads.
CRISP Crisp primrose and navy stripes (or maize and blue, if you're of that persuasion) on a bright white background, 7mm x 18mm. $4. DARK WOOD GRAIN beads, nine of them. Silky smooth 20-22mm x 4-5mm ovals, $18. (Be sure to check the detail.) JACOB'S CATTLE BEADS. Don't they look like Jacob's Cattle beans? Fifteen beads, 4mm x 12mm (approx.) of milky white and brilliant gold, with a silky smooth finish. $15
FIRE AND ICE. Seven 11-12mm opaque beads, with a finish so glossy it reflects the lights. $14. HEAVENLY SHADES OF BLUE. Thirty-nine beads, 4-5mm x 10-14mm. Three shades of blue. All with an extraordinarily silky touch.Twenty-one and a half inches of beads, $39. SOPHISTICATED NEUTRALS Nine little tubes, in shades of silver, black, white, and antique gold, 6mm x 4mm. They will make elegant little spacers. $9.
BLACK GLITTER. Embedded multi-tonal leaf and a multi-stage finishing process give these nine tapered tubes a look and touch you'll swear is glass, until you pick them up. 4-5mm x 10-15mm, $9. TURQUOISE SPIRAL beads. Silky tube beads with a dark coppery background. These colors look terrific with Sterling silver. Eight 5mm x 14mm beads, plus glass spacers. SOLD ($16.)

GOLD EMBROIDERY. Five tapered barrels that remind me of kimono silk with gold embroidery, 6mm x 20mm, plus two 6mm rounds, 6 matte black glass spacers. $14. NO LONGER AVAILABLE--these are part of a necklace I had to keep for myself.


RED. Four silky red tubes, 5mm x 22mm, with six matching 4mm rounds. $14. PURPLE LEOPARD LACE. Two 9mm rounds. $4. PEARL SHELL. Seven silky 5mm tubes the color of the inside of a sea shell, most 12mm long. $7.
GLITTERY BARGAIN Six 18mm black beads shimmering with red composition leaf. Only $6! SHELLIE BEADS. Six pearly white and coral red beads, 5mm x 7mm. $6. TINY FILIGRANA WREATHS. A pair of antique gold rounds wreathed in black and white filigrana twisties, 9mm. $4.

INTRICATE MYSTERY. A little pendant, 14mm x 16mm; many colors spiraling together over a translucent base give it incredible depth, like peering into a medieval stained glass window. $3.50 COBALT TRIANGLES Seven perfect little cobalt blue triangles, 3/4" on a side, with 9 gold-plated spacers (only 7 visible, I know). $7.
MISTY RIBBONS. Gauzy ribbons of black and red dance over a mauve base in this pair of 10mm x 14mm ovals. $4. Similar smaller set available, same price. FAUX ONYX. Seven lucky beads (4mm x 8mm) look like layered onyx. Black, white, bits of blue. $7. SHADES OF TURQUOISE AND PERIDOT. Bright turquoise and peridot green contrast with white and navy in this petite tile pendant, 16mm x 18mm. $4.
BLACK CONTEMPORARY. Streaks of gold on stark black give these seven beads a very modern look. Substantial enough (6mm x 14mm) to go with larger beads or stones, they have a glassy look and feel, $7. SLINKY Slinky blue stripes with fine copper shadows on a silver background, 5mm x 16mm. $4. MYSTIC Turquoise green and silver focal with extraordinary depth, 9mm x 18mm. $4.

© Georgia Morgan

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