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Pink and purple flowers on a glittery red background, with teardrop amethysts, on artisan Sterling silver wires. $30. Orange garden flowers with jade. Sterling silver wires, $34. White garden flower tabs with tourmalinated quartz. On Sterling silver wires, $28 at Etsy.
Reversible faux-grain tabs. (Other side.) Artisan wires, $30. New reversible earrings--different floral images on each side. Insert from back to display other side. Artisan Sterling silver wires, $35. Reversible silver polymer woodgrain shields (front is brick-red wood-grain), on artisan Sterling silver wires.
Red-violet and daylily-orange garden tabs, with ethereal agate beads. On Sterling silver wires, $30. Forest green fern tabs with composition gold leaf and gold freshwater pearls. 14k gold-filled earwires, $32. Composition silver leaf on black feathers with polymer lace. With 6mm rainbow moonstone lentils on Sterling silver wires, $28.
Bold abstract tabs in black and white and red, on long artisan earwires, $32. Floral image tabs, sunset background. On long Sterling silver artisan wires, $32. Floral image tabs, sunset background. On long Sterling silver artisan wires, $32.
White polymer rectangles with bright bits of turquoise, pink, and copper. On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Polymer tabs in gold, turquoise and red, with agate. Sterling silver wires. $28. Turquoise tabs with bright bits of orange, indigo and violet. Paired with fire opal buttons on Sterling silver wires, $28.
Midnight in the red garden, ferns glowing in the starlight. With bamboo coral coins, on artisan Sterling silver wires, $30. The way the orange inside these turquoise dots glows always makes me smile. Brown tabs with carnelian, on Sterling silver wires, $28.  
Sky-blue "tree ring" feathers on artisan Sterling silver wires. $30. Feathery pastel double helixes, with square gold freshwater pearl. 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Abstract cobalt and gold floral tabs beneath fine turquoise ovals. Artisan Sterling silver wires, $34.
Reversible polymer poppy-image tabs (reverse is golden wood-grain) on artisan Sterling silver wires.. Flower jasper cubes head up these polymer columns of very faux wood grain. Sterling silver wires, $28. Jungle tabs with amber. Sterling silver wires, $28
Inspired by a Seguy textile: burgundy, palest mauve and burnt orange. With Mexican fire opals on Sterling silver wires. $32. Golden sunbursts on sky blue background, with chocolate truffle pearls, on 14k gold-filled wires, SOLD ($30.) Textured and patinated bronze tabs with amazonite cubes. On Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($32.)
Reversible polymer poppy-image tabs (reverse is golden wood-grain) on artisan 14k gold-filled wires. $30. Pair of reversible earrings, SOLD before it was ever shown publicly. Reverse side Reversible polymer red garden tabs (reverse is faux moss agate) on artisan Sterling silver wires, with 5mm jade beads. $30.
Copper strips with copper granules. Handcrafted Sterling silver earwires, $30. Blue enamelled copper rectangle earrings with faint ruby floral graphic. Artisan Sterling silver wires, $32. Cornhusk-textured copper strips with silverleaf jasper. Sterling silver earwires. $30.
Klimt-inspired polymer tabs in gold, silver, red and black. With chocolate freshwater pearls on 14k gold-filled wires, $30.
A pearly experiment with one of my favorite colorways, paired with matching jade. Sterling silver wires, $30 Maybe you've heard of Rainbow Calsilica, a stratified material that might be calcite, and that turns out to be enhanced by plastics and pigments. These tabs are faux, polymer calsilica, with antique gold baroque freshwater pearls. On Sterling silver wires, $28.
Matte black polymer tabs with lavender "dragons". On 14k gold-filled wires, with golden brown freshwater pearls. $28. Matte white polymer tabs with red-violet "geishas". On Sterling silver wires, with flower jasper cubes. SOLD ($28.)
Green patchwork polymer tabs with jade. On twisted, no-slip 14k gold-filled wires, $30.
Tropical morning polymer tab earrings, with lemon chrysoprase, Sterling silver wires, $28.
Faceted citrines sparkle above polymer urban sunflowers. Sterling silver wires, $32.

Faceted garnet teardrops support red lily polymer tabs. Sterling silver wires, $30.

Woven copper foil and paper with zoisite. Sterling silver wires, $40. Honeysuckle pink morning glories, with labradorite, on Sterling silver wires. $28. Gold, black, and burgundy tabs inspired by a beautiful polished granite countertop. With auburn freshwater pearl coins, on 14k gold-filled wires, $30.

Wood-grain or ikat-look in violet, gold and white with 12mm amber bead. On 14/20 no-slip, twisted gold-filled wires, $28.

Art Nouveau floral look in shades of blue on a striped background, with white freshwater pearl square "coins". On Sterling silver wires, $30

Optical dots with carnelian ovals, on tarnish-resistant Sterling silver wires. $28.

Wood look (looks like yew, doesn't it?) tabs with red wood beads. On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Copper tabs with hammered German silver inlay. Sterling silver wires, $28 Faux wood polymer with polished bamboo coral coins. Sterling silver wires, $28.
Honeysuckle pink spring garden, with silver freshwater pearl, on Sterling silver wires, $28. Honeysuckle pink and burgundy on light green. With 5.5mm jade beads On Sterling silver wires, $30. Honeysuckle pink morning glories and magnolias, with silver freshwater pearl, on Sterling silver wires, $28.
Copper windows I, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, $28. Copper shapes with an organic curve. Sterling silver bead and earwires, $28. Copper windows III, polymer and silver composition foil. Sterling sliver wires, $28.
Embossed-paper impressed copper tabs with green patina dangle below apple green chrysoprase, on Sterling silver wires, $28. Romantic earrings--red roses and poppies on a black and white background. Gold-filled earwires with black onyx, $28. Textured copper tabs with silver freshwater pearls. These remind me of spring rains, and always make me smile. At The Wooden Hanger in Urbana, $28
.Gingham checks with fanciful ferns three ways. Here, with amber, on tarnish-resistant Sterling silver wires. $28. Blue fireworks! Knock-your-socks-off red bamboo coral! On no-slip 14k gold-filled wires, $30. Mid-century modern in cobalt blue, sea mist, and sand. Small tabs topped by serpentine beads. 14k gold-filled wires, $28.
Impressionist polymer flowers, ripples on a pond. With jade, on twisted, no-slip 14k gold-filled wires, $30. Strips of cornhusk-textured copper with white freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, $28. Golden pansy polymer tabs with smoky quartz ovals on Sterling silver wires, $28.
Heat-patinated tgextured copper with dark chocolate freshwater pearls. Sterling silver earwires, $28. Faux wood polymer clay "boards", with ridged peacock freshwater pearls. Sterling silver earwires, $30. Elegant heat-patinated patterned copper, with labradorite, on Sterling silver wires $30.
wrapped-gift earrins
Magenta, turquoise, and yellow-green, with multicolored fern images, and mother-of-pearl. On Sterling silver wires, $28. Little polymer clay "checkered paper packages" bound up in 14k gold-filled wire, $28.

Little gifts (12mm x 10mm), wrapped up with a Sterling silver ribbon, $28. At

Turquoise polymer ikat-look strips, with genuine turquoise cubes. On Sterling silver wires, $28. Irregular columns of sky-blue enamelled copper swing freely below bright cubes of flower jasper. Sterling silver wires, $28. Tiny striped cyan-magenta-chatrtreuse polymer tabs jiggle merrily on niobium rings beneath 4mm turquoise beads. Sterling silver wires, $28.
Faux tooled leather on Argentium Sterling wires with Bali-style silver. $28. Shell impressions with mosaic shell on Sterling silver wires. $28 Reminiscent of sumptuous kimono silks in red, black and gold, with gold and silver composition leaf, and dangling from faceted black onyx. Sterling silver wires, $28.
turquoise tabular earrings
.Cyan, yellow-green and shades of magenta form a checkerboard to sway softly below serene amethyst ovals. On Sterling silver wires, $28. Green fern fronds on a mosaic background, with turquoise. Gold-filled wires, $30. Kelp sprigs? Cheerful abstract botanical in yellow green and orange, with green chalk turquoise, on Sterling silver earwires. $28.
Architectural polymer granite tabs, with freshwater pearls, Sterling silver wires, $28 at More architectural polymer granite tabs, with composition gold leaf and pyrite. 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Another pair, with labradorite and silver wires, also $28. Gaudi-esque architectural polymer granite tabs, with silverlace jasper. Sterling silver wires, $28
Moonstones atop gently curved tabs with blue floral pattern and white dots. Sterling silver wires, $28. Enamelled copper with fine silver leaf, and beads. Artisan Sterling silver wires, $32. Shaded stripes of blue and green with streaks of silver foil. Argentium Sterling wires, $28. At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.
Small red roses on a black and white polymer background dangle beneath a tiny black onyx bead. On 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Tropical afternoon polymer tabs, with bronze freshwater pearl coins. 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Black and white and gold polymer and...faceted amber! Sterling silver wires, $32.
Glow-in-the-dark starburst tabs with amazonite cubes. Sterling silver wires, $28. Blue springtime tabs with textured polymer bead. Sterling silver wires, $30. Gold, silver and jade polymer tabs topped by 5mm natural jade beads. Sterling silver wires, $32.
Retro squares in colors of pink coral and grey to complement the mosaic shell on no-slip gold-filled wires. $28. .Dark amber cabochons on polymer clay "ivory", with tiny amber beads on Sterling silver wires. $28. Japanese Painted Ferns with jade. Sterling silver wires, $28.
The texture sheet used to imprint these gilded polymer clay earrings was made from a clam shell completely covered with tiny barnacles. Gold-filled wires, $28. Gilded foliage patterns on brown "leather" polymer clay. Gold-filled wires, $28. Some fairly large mosaic tile earrings. On custom wires with fine silver cube, $35.
I think of these as "Victoria's Secret earrings", but I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to call them that. Red lace over pearly violet, with bamboo coral on 14k gold-filled wires. $28. Foil and frost blanket shaded geometric stripes, in curves below a deep bronze freshwater pearl. Gold-filled wires, $28. Pearly pastel striped tabs with rainbow moonstone teardrops. Sterling silver wires, $28.
Shades of red, arranged in concentric triangles coordinate with hand-crafted 14k gold-filled red bamboo coral posts. $30. Curved and rounded bleu-striped rectangles with mother-of-pearl. Argentium Sterling silver wires, $28. Mirror-image blue stripes with pearly blue lentil bead on Argentium Sterling silver earwires. $28.
Grapevine mosaic on gold platform. Gold-filled wires, SOLD ($28.) Bright blues--diagonal stripe tabs with blue stone. Sterling silver wires, $28 Translucent aqua polymer clay beads are paired with relief-patterned tablets antiqued in silver. Sterling silver wires, $28.
Very sophisticated black and white doodle pattern, with gold accents and faceted black onyx beads, Sterling silver wires. $28. At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.

Cheery red fern tabs, all polymer clay, 14k-gold-filled wires, $30.

Faux wood grain with red dots in a spiral pattern, topped with black onyx bead. Gold-filled wires, $28.
Frosted tabs of texture-illusion gridwork in pearlescent shades of red-violet and blue violet, with 6mm moonstones on Sterling silver wires. $28.

Chinese red and spring green verticals dangle from perfect zoisite rounds. Sterling silver wires, $28.

Delicate earthtone lozenges with copper and cool blue lace dangle from 3mm blue chalcedony rounds. Sterling silver wires, $28
Orchid and lime ikat stripes on white, with peridot and amethyst, gold-filled wires, $28.

Wrapped turquoise "lady" dangles, in a bold swirl of oranges and turquoise, $35.

In 1964, my best friend had a bikini in these very fashionable colors (red, purple, pink and lime green)--and they are back! Handcrafted 14k gold-filled posts. $28.
Petite tabs with squares in shades of turquoise and red violet. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($25.)

Shades of red-violet, with black and platinum in tabs that dangle from 8mm black onyx. Argentium Sterling silver earwires, $28.

Like little packages wrapped in festive paper and tied with a gold-filled bow. 14 kt. gold-filled wires, $28.
Jasper-like and vibrant turquoise polymer clay mosaic inlay with autumn jasper beads. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($30.)

I don't normally work in pastels, but I love the midsummer's day effect of the pale blue and green on the pastel coral background. Sterling silver with amazonite square, $28..

Like Egyptian treasure, gold, brilliant orange and rich red violet laced with ivory dangle from glittery amber chips. 14/20 gold-filled wires, SOLD ($28.)
Mosaic collage of patterns in shades of green, suspended from malachite chips. 14/20 gold-filled wires, $30.

Impressionist Garden earrings, with 6mm amethysts on Sterling silver wires, $28.

In 2004, my daughter and I took a walking tour of Cornwall (England). We hiked over cliffs, beaches, meadows, and through woods--7 or 8 miles a day. The woods were incredible: in mid-May, we saw calla lilies, orchids, forget-me-nots, foxglove, rhododendron (and many more, growing wild, and blooming their heads off). These 1" tabs with 6mm amethyst reflect the deep woods, with purple orchids and blue forget-me-nots. Argentium Sterling silver earwires, $28. At
Chinese turquoise beads atop graceful rectangles of ivory, turquoise, and silver ikat polymer clay. Artist-made Argentium Sterling silver wires (don't tarnish!). $30.

Spring garden tabs (inspired by the cover of a clothing catalog!) with periwinkle blue chalcedony beads. Sterling silver wires, $28.

Glittery calypso blue-green and silver striations on a translucent base, with amazonite cubes. Sterling silver wires, $28
Sky-blue turquoise polymer clay with flecks of gold leaf below a bridal white freshwater pearl. Gold-filled wires. At Wind Water and Light. SOLD ($28.)

Gracefully curved panels of polymer clay with a carnival glass effect below lustrous champagne freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, SOLD ($28)

Floral and geometric details in greens, neutrals and periwinkle blue, with coin-shaped freshwater pearl. Sterling silver wires.SOLD ($28.)
Mosaic tiles of different tints of polymer clay gold, painstakingly fitted, grouted, trimmed and framed. Jade beads, 14/20 gold-filled wires. SOLD ($40.)

Floral and stained glass polymer clay mosaic tiles, in a golden frame, on 14 kt. gold-filled wires. SOLD ($30.)

Mosaic mosaic all-polymer clay earrings, with a delicate tracery of gold "grout". Gold-filled wires, SOLD ($30.)

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