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Although there is an efficiency factor connected to the reproduction of successful designs, I enjoy the challenge of custom design. I will be pleased to do special orders on jewelry items or accessories (scarf tubes, scarf buckles, nightlights, switchplates, stitch markers or "softies". Just send me an email with some details and we'll get started. Some items that eventually have to be specified:

  • Color
  • Component materials
  • Dimensions (size, diameter, as relevant)


Mineral stones in the form of round, shaped, or faceted beads such as amethyst, apatite, aventurine, blue chalcedony, carnelian, citrine, coral, fluorite, garnet, iolite, jade, labradorite, lapis, moonstone, rainbow moonstone, peridot, rose quartz, tourmalinated quartz. Many of these stones come in a wide range of colors and shades.

Pearls come in many more shapes and colors than this sample from my collection shows.


Other organic beads: amber, bone, mother-of-pearl and other shells, wood.

Polymer clay beads and components come in an unlimited number of sizes, shapes, patterns, and textures, and more colors than the rainbow.

Metal beads are available in Sterling silver and filled gold, as well as copper and pewter.

This picture shows how big some standard size beads are.


Do you want the metal findings (clasps, hooks, wire, chain) to be copper, Sterling silver, or gold?

Gold-filled findings have a layer of 14 karat gold bonded to a base alloy. The layer is 20 times thicker than gold plate. I do not use plated metal. Karat gold can also be used; it is considerably more expensive.


How long a necklace do you want? If you have a necklace that is exactly the right length, measure how long it is.

A 16" necklace hits a "medium size" woman at the collar bone, an 18" necklace about an inch below that. A 24" necklace falls at about the top of cleavage, a 36" one, below the bust. A 48" necklace will fall to the waist, or can be wrapped twice to fit like a 24" necklace, or 3 times to fit like a 16" choker.

For necklaces to be worn above the collarbone, measure the circumference where the jewelry will be worn.


If you can, provide the exact length of a bracelet of the same type that fits well, or your best measurement with a tape measure of how long the bracelet should be.


Do you prefer wires, posts, or clips?

Many styles can be attached to reverse earwires, which require no stopper to remain secure.

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