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Exquisite purple flowers on garden background cover these polymer feathers. With 6mm amethysts on 14k gold-filled wires. $34. Pink and red flowers on long artisan 14k gold-filled wires. $32. Sophisticated white flowers and black ferns on garden background. With 8mm black onyx on 14k gold-filled wires. $32.
Blue-marbled shields with apatite. Sterling silver wires. $28. Polymer shields in gold, turquoise, green and red, with bamboo coral. Sterling silver wires, $28. Orange, silver, and blue-viole feathers, with silver freshwater pearls, on Sterling silver wires, $28
It's a red-violet feather day, and these garden earrings are reversible! Other side. On artisan Sterling silver wires, $30. A gold leaf collection for you. Here, on black feathers with turquoise accents. Genuine turquoise discs on Sterling silver wires. $28. Composition gold leaf on black feathers with polymer lace and 8mm black onyx beads. 14k gold-filled earwires, $28.
Turquoise and gold polymer brick mosaic feathers. With faceted stone turquoise, on studio-made 14k gold-filled earwires, $32. Summer garden feathers with an architectural background. With fire opal buttons on Sterling silver earwires, $30. Summer sunflower feathers, with champagne freshwater pearls. On Sterling silver wires, $28.
tropical fish earrings
Art-Nouveau-inspired feathers in brick, pale pink and yellow orange, with amber nuggets. 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Marine-themed jewelry: tropical fish with sea anemones. With amethyst on Sterling silver ear wires. $28. At More blue-green-violet. This time, a stained-glass effect. On Sterling silver wires, with freshwater pearls, $28. At
Blue-marbled feathers with labradorite buttons. Sterling silver wires, $28. Reversible silver polymer woodgrain shields (reverse is brick-red wood-grain), on artisan Sterling silver wires. Aqua "tree ring" feathers on long artisan 14k gold-filled wires. $30.
Swirls of silver foil grace these night-black feather-shape earrings. With black onyx, on Sterling silver wires. $28. Garden flower feathers, pink and red andyellow like my garden, with champagne freshwater pearl. On Sterling silver wires, $28 at Etsy. Green geometric feathers, with a touch of sky blue and a dash of orange. Below 6mm jade beads on 14k gold-filled wires. SOLD ($35.)
Tropical evening polymer feather shapes, with black onyx, on twisted, no-slip 14k gold-fill wires. $30. Gold sunburst feathers, light blue background. with lustrous gold freshwater pearls. 14k gold-filled wires, $28. Wisteria in bloom on slim polymer shield shapes. Sterling silver wires with pale amethyst buttons, $28.
Lapis textured polymer, with 6mm lapis lazuli beads. On Sterling silver wires, $30. Sea blue textured polymer shapes and beads. On Sterling silver wires, $28 Bronze textured polymer shapes, with chocolate freshwater pearls. On Sterling silver wires, $28.
Gold feathers with translucent spirals and 6mm lapis lazuli beads. On Sterling silver wires, $28. Polymer "tree ring" surfboards on artist-made 14k gold-filled posts. $30. 10mm amber beads on Sterling silver wires, with spirals in shades of purple. $28
Beach party! Polymer feathers in turquoise, violet and deep red-orange. With chunky, golden freshwater pearls, on Sterling silver wires, $28. Tropical sunset polymer "feathers" with baroque white freshwater pearls on Sterling silver wires, $30. Mirror-image polymer butterfly-wing segments with turquoise cubes, on Sterling silver wires. $28.
Art Nouveau floral look in violet and tangerine on black and white stripes. With 6mm amethyst, on Sterling silver wires, $28. Amethyst Art Nouveau floral look, on black and white stripes. On 14/20 gold-filled wires, $30. Black and white striped feathers with blue and turquoise waves of color, dangling from square white freshwater pearls. On Sterling silver wires, $34.
Long gold feathers with red lilies. On studio-made spiral posts of 14k gold-filled wire. $35. Substantial shields in blue and forest green, with dramatic asymmetrical orange stripes. On Sterling silver wires, $28. Polymer "tree ring" feathers with fire opal rondelles, on tarnish-resistant Sterling silver wires. $28 at Illinois Artisans Shop at Rend Lake.
Colors of spring, with a garden overlaid. With green chrysoprase, on 14/20 gold-filled wires, $28. Long "surfboards" in deep honeysuckle pink, spring green, dark green and deep cerulean blue, on 14/20 gold-filled posts fashioned by my hands. $32 Relief spirals in gilded purple, with amethyst beads. On 14k gold-filled wires, $32
Blue morning glory feather earrings with apatite. 14k gold-filled wires. $28. Egyptian-inspired design in turquoise and gold polymer clay, suspended from luminous gold freshwater pearls. Gold filled wires, $28. I think this color combination came to me in a dream; it still makes me smile. Polymer feather earrings with amber. Sterling silver earwires, $28.
Optical dots in vibrant green and white, on a crimson ground. With green chalk turquoise, on Sterling silver wires. $28. Pearlescent fern print on black polymer "feathers", with malachite. Sterling silver wires, $28. Brown fern feathers with Mexican fire opal beads on Sterling silver wires. $28 at
Polymer clay "ocean jasper" with Mexican fire opal. On no-slip 14k gold-filled earwires, $30. Pink floral fantasy with faceted rose quartz cylinders. On no-slip 14k gold-filled earwires. At Wind Water and Light in Urbana. $28. The colors of carnelian, peridot, and amethyst in polymer clay, with fire opal accents. On 14k no-slip gold-filled wires, At The Wooden Hanger in Urbana. $28.
Turquoise, magenta and yellow-green with multicolored fern images and turquoise stone ovals. On Sterling silver wires, $30. Primitive copper beads with colorful, abstract shields. $30 Yellow polymer clay wildflower garden with white freshwater pearl coin pearls. ON 14k gold-filled wires, $32.
blue and green floral earrings
Is green and purple my favorite color way? Or is it blue and green? These earrings, with amazonite, on no-slip 14k-gold-filled wires, remind me of a summer meadow. $28. Gingham checks with fanciful ferns and turquoise ovals. Sterling silver ear wires. $28. Hand-crafted Argentium Sterling silver posts support contemporary feathers in the colors of adobe and Arizona sun. $28.
A different high-relief organic pattern in dark red, on green feather earrings. Sterling silver wires with 4mm carnelian. $30. At the Wooden Hanger in Urbana. Black high-relief African-inspired design on terracotta polymer clay feather. With black onyx, Sterling silver wires. $30. Striking wood-grain polymer with soft, oval carnelians. Sterling silver wires, $28.
.Black and gold double helixes float across these blue feather earrings below faux opal polymer teardrops. On 14/20 gold-filled wires, $30. Texture contrast of smooth turquoise and lava-textured grey. On Sterling silver wires with genuine turquoise stones, $28. Helix-image emerald polymer clay feathers on 14k gold-filled wires with 1/4" emeralds, $28.
Floral profusion. Long feathers with faceted rose quartz cylinders. $28. At Woodland meadow feathers, with green chrysoprase. Sterling silver wires, $28 Dramatic woodland ferns in hand-forged copper vesica. With bronze freshwater pearls on Sterling silver wires. At $45
Violets and magenta with black onyx, on Sterling silver wires, $30. Honeysuckle pink and burgundy on black, with rose quartz hexagonal tubes. On 14/20 no-slip, twisted gold-filled wires, $30. Red, pink, and violet flowers pop on a dark jewel-tone background. With garnet tubes, on Sterling silver wires, $28.
orchid and light yellow-green earrings
Green foliage narrow feather with the warm orange glow of carnelian. Sterling silver wires, $30. Colors reminiscent of coleus, below a textured white coin pearl. Sterling silver wires, $30. Sunlight glinting through the leaves on orchids growing below. Featherweight polymer clay, with bronze freshwater coin pearls. $30.
"Ribbons" of turquoise adorn these feathery shapes, below a tiny bird's egg of amazonite. Sterling silver wires, $28. Black and white and red all over--polymer clay fern earrings! Sterling silver wires, $28. Carnelian ovals atop red-violet feathers with 1920s-retro gold and red-orange accents, $28.
green & violet earring, floral motif
Violet shading to green, with a subtle silver abstract botanical. With silver freshwater pearl on Sterling silver wires, $30 Blue and green geometric, with black onyx. Gold-filled wires, $28. Metallic floral images, with bronze freshwater pearls, gold-filled wires. $28
Fanciful gazania on (faux) weathered wood, Sterling silver wires. $28. Turquoise and red "ikat"-style feathers. With faceted natural turquoise, on Sterling earwires, $28. Antique-look gildedpolymer feather shapes, with jade on Sterling silver wires. $28.
Splashes of silver foil flash among purple, chartreuse, white and tangerine waves. With amethysts on 14k gold-filled wires. $35. .White flowers cover these ivory polymer feather earrings. With lemon chrysoprase, on Sterling silver wires. $30.  

Pearly aqua polymer clay lentils above feather shapes with geometric and organic stripes. Gold-filled wires, ($30.)

Precisely measured stripes of ivory, turquoise and pearly pastels march down these graceful feathers. Topped by turquoise and gold lentils of polymer clay. Gold-filled wires, $30.

In yet another take on geometric meets organic, precise stripes in shades of red are overlaid with lace and suspended from 14k gold-filled wires with a smoky quartz disc. $28.

Poppies adorn the geometric texture-illusion background which shades from red-violet to blue violet. Suspended from hand-crafted 14/20 gold-filled posts with red bamboo coral centers. $28. At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.

Feather shapes, with colors inspired by coleus leaves, with glittery gold leaf within, and rutilated quartz pillows above. Gold-filled wires, $28.

Diagonal stripe feathers in red violet this time, topped by textured white coin pearls. gold-filled wires, $28.

These coleus-inspired feathers hang from dainty barrels of green garnet. Sterling silver wires, $28.

Looong orchid and green feathers, handcrafted 14/20 gold-filled posts with mother of pearl. $28.

Glittery jungle nights! Hand-made spiral posts of sterling silver, $32.

A textural copper pattern accents these matte black points. With brecciated jasper elongated barrels, gold-filled wires.SOLD ($28.)

Can you guess that I love coleus? Glittery silver leaf within, and glowing freshwater pearls atop. Sterling silver wires, $28.

Organic shapes of silky-smooth, geometric texture-illusion polymer clay that shades from red-violet to blue violet. With 8mm amethysts on Argentium Sterling silver wires, $28.

Peacock feather with faceted turquoises, gold-filled wires, $28.

Orchid and green feathers, faceted red garnet, gold-filled wires. $28.

Green jade, dark paisley feather, sterling wires. Donated to auction for Court Appointed Special Advocates program.






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