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In-stock items

Many of the items pictured on these pages are still available. To purchase something, email One of A Kind for payment and delivery arrangements.

Custom orders

If you would like a custom-made piece, tell me how you want it to look, and I'll make it to order. Perhaps you like the style of one necklace you see here, but want beads like those in another. Maybe you would like a bracelet that matches a pair of earrings you see.
Or maybe you've always wanted a apricot-colored pearl choker. Once you have an idea of what you want, email One of A Kind, and we will create a piece to your specifications


When you are ready to talk about what you want, email One of A Kind and we'll develop the idea. Include a description of what you want, and how and when to contact you by phone, and we'll work out the details.

I invite you to use the images on these pages as a starting point for the artist.

Please browse through the Showroom pages for more pieces featuring organic gems (amber, pearls) and semi-precious stones (jade, amethyst, carnelian, moonstone, peridot, garnet, labradorite and more) as well as colorful, lightweight polymer clay. Take note of what catches your eye. Every piece is unique.


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Ordering Information