Georgia Morgan
Carnival lentils with tiny carnelians, on 14k gold-filled wires, $30.
Daylilies by a water garden? Summery lentils with little turquoise pillows. Gold-filled wires, SOLD ($28.)
Squared lentils in shades of blue and gold, with lapis and vermeil, on gold-filled wires, $28.
Sun, moon, stars: Lentils with suns on one side and moons on the other, suspended from Sterling silver stars. Sterling silver wires, $35.

Squint, and the patterns in these perfect little polymer clay lentils look a lot like Japanese landscape paintings. With tiny jade beads, and mother-of-pearl at the center of the artist-made Argentium Sterling silver posts (don't tarnish!). $30.

Turquoise and white lentils, with natural turquoise beads on Argentium Sterling wires, SOLD ($28.)
I promise you these are not painted (the colors are in the clay), but if I could paint fairies in a floral bower, this is what they would look like. Artist-made Argentium Sterling silver posts (don't tarnish!) with mother-of-pearl. SOLD ($30.)

Swirls of glittery copper in turquoise, with 2mm and 4mm carnelians. Gold-filled wires, $28. At Wind Water and Light in Champaign, Illinois.

Tiny little lentils with swirls of silver and gold, with just a hint of wine, echoed in the 1.5mm garnet accent. Sterling silver mini-wires, SOLD ($25.)
Swirls of glittery copper in turquoise, with 4mm poppy jasper rounds. Sterling silver wires. $25.

Sea mystery lentils, with rose pink freshwater pearls, on artist-made Argentium Sterling silver wires (don't tarnish!). SOLD ( $28.)

A landscape wave lentil is the focal on this 17.5-inch necklace of black onyx beads with African "turquoise" (a form of jasper), apatite, and carnelian. SOLD ($80.) At Wind Water and Light.
Amethyst tubes flank a glittery lentil in shades of orchid and green. Gold filled chain. SOLD ($35.)

Tertiary colors lentil on fine, smooth silver chain with rose quartz. (Tertiary colors are what you get when you mix secondary colors with each other--orange & green, green & purple, purple & orange.) SOLD

Swirly lentil, about 3/4 inch across with turquoise beads on fine Italian chain. SOLD the first time it was shown.

© Georgia Morgan

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