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Rectangular pillows of multicolored moukaite jasper, with a coordinating ghost imaged polymer clay pendant. $124.Closer view...

Silky-smooth pillows of fossilized coral are linked with gold-filled wire to individual champagne blister pearls. About 18", with artist-made gold-filled clasp. SOLD ($90.) The fossilized coral is amazing: detail...

Ocean jasper rectangles, each one different (that's the glory of ocean jasper, from under the sea off Madagascar). About 17" long, $120. Closer view...

Scores of green beads--mostly peridot, in several sizes and cuts,but also gaspeite, apatite, and one tiny imitation turquoise--bound onto a tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling silver frame. Sterling silver chain, 18". $45.

Amethyst tubes and sterling silver, 8". At Wind Water and Light Gallery in Champaign, Illinois. $140.

.Twenty inches of amazonite pillows, rainbow moonstone and sterling silver; $125. Click the image to get a better look at this luscious material. Click here to see the Peruvian opal necklace that was so hard to photograph that the "thumbnail" just doesn't do it justice.

Smooth poppy jasper ovals, with an 18kt. vermeil toggle clasp. Very classy! 17.5", $68.

Rainbow moonstone suspended on 14/20 gold-filled wires, $115. When light hits this stone, it flashes electric blue. At Wind, Water and Light Gallery in Champaign, Illinois. $115

Turquoise and Sterling silver, 16". $95.

Picture jasper chips, bright 14/20 gold-filled wire. $40. At Wind Water and Light.

Labradorite button cluster ER. Sterling silver leverbacks. $50.

This is one of my favorite necklaces: a triple rope of turquoise, lavender fluorite, and white freshwater pearls, 16-18" with adjustable handmade sterling silver clasp, $125.

© Georgia Morgan

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