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Picnic Jewelry
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Faux enamel in shades of lavender and green, adjustable length black cord, $25.

Simple sophistication: a single textured bead floats demurely on a 16" rubber cord. Sterling silver clasp, $25

Blue-green and violet pattern reminiscent of a garden. Polymer clay donut with hand-formed Sterling silver bail, on adjustable-length satin cord, $25.

Pink millefiori-bead choker length necklace. 18-inch shortenable 2mm textile cord, $30.

Bet you've never seen anything like this before! A simple pi in orchid and white, with accents of yellow and red-orange. Adjustable cord, $25.

Autumn colors, inspired by a textile design from the Art Deco studio of E. A. Seguy. On an 18-inch shortenable non-reactive Buna-N cord, $30.

A fun pendant! All kinds of gemstone, metal, and polymer clay beads woven onto a copper armature. On adjustable-length suede lace cord, $45.

Metallic copper and silver polymer clay looks textured, but it's smooth as glass. Unknotted 1.5mm textile cord, $20.

Swirls of copper, white and blue, bound in copper, on a suede lace. Hand-formed copper clasp, 17". $20.

Faux-copper plates with turquoise polymer cabochon and millefiori "enamel", linked by copper wire. The turquoise bead and the pearl at the bottom are real. Adjustable-length claspless cord, $35.

Verdigris, silver, gold. Copper bail and clasp on leather cord, 18". $40.

Impressed design, rubbed with gold. Knot-to-fit bead closure, 1.5mm textile cord, $20.

Reversible sun and moon pendant, leather cord. SOLD $19. Serendipitous polymer clay "gold quartz" trapezoid, on adjustable satin cord.$20.

1. Itty-bitty glittery floral bead choker. 18-inch shortenable 1.5mm textile cord, $25.

2. Glittery millefiori beads on adjustable-length claspless 2mm cord, $25.


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