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Knitter's pin, with a shetland wool basketweave scarf in the works. $28.

Shiny copper dragonfly, with long safety clasp on the vertical axis, about 2" long. $30. Another dragonfly, with brass wings.

Copper Cecropia moth brooch, with safety clasp. In real life, these guys are BIG--this pin is scaled down to just over 3" across, and very suitable for a coat or jacket. $34.

Another coat or jacket pin, this time with kind of a gingham look in red and blue. About 2-3/8" across, matte finish, $32.

Stained glass mosaic cane pin with composition gold leaf, $36.

A more abstract botanical: Leaf-shaped coat or jacket pin in shades of blue and green, with black accents. Matte finish, 2" long. $32.
Wildflowers bloom in meadow seen through a stained glass window in a gold frame, $32.
Five 5mm jade peas in a pod, about 1.4". $24.
Ghost floral images with an Art Nouveau appeal, in black or red frame, $40. ("Ghost" because, while they appear to be raised, the surfaces are actually completely flat and smooth.)
Art Deco-style chrysanthemum pin. SOLD ($30.)

Turquoise dash! Three different kinds on hand-worked copper flourish pin. SOLD ($30.) Can be made in Sterling or gold-filled, variety of stones possible.

Coppery low-relief prairie coneflower, against an evening sky, $48. At Wind Water & Light in Champaign.
I found the polished piece of amazonite that forms the center of this brooch when I was cleaning out a drawer (no idea how it got there!) and "set" it in polymer clay. A vintage kind of look in a very modern material. $28.

Five kinds of freshwater pearls dangle on handmade copper headpins from the blue green support of a polymer goldstone cabochon, $40. (This pin is a movie star; look for it in the soon-to-be-released "Crab Orchard".)

This combination of antique gold, pearly aqua and black goes with just about anything. At Wind Water and Light, in Champaign, IL.

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