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2014. Honeysuckle pink calla earrings on 14k gold-filled leverback earwires. ($44) at 2014. Matte white polymer tabs with red-violet "geishas". On Sterling silver wires, with flower jasper cubes. ($28.) 2014. Bouquet brooch: ten pink polymer roses, with leaves. ($45)
2014. Tiny sky-blue turquoise tubes from the famed (and mined out) Sleeping Beauty mine. On 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2014. Partly open copper cuff, small-to-medium size. ($50.) 2014. Amethyst and peridot always make me smile. Amethyst buttons with little faceted peridots. On artisan Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2014. Carnival lentils with tiny carnelians, on 14k gold-filled wires, ($30.) 2014. Faithful rendition of ancient Egyptian papyrus motif, in polymer, on adjustable-length satin cord. ($45.) 2014. Large polymer and stone brooch inspired by the work of early 20th century designer Josef Hoffman. ($65.)
2014. Sterling silver ring with pink freshwater pearl "flower". Medium-small size (5-6). ($35.) 2014. Rutilated quartz pillows with rainbow moonstone and fire opal. 14k gold-filled wires. ($28.) 2014. Copper pod with natural soybeans. On 18" Buna cord with Sterling silver clasp. ($35.)
2014. Honey amber barrels atop tigereye polymer. Sterling silver wires, ($34.) 2014. Golden sunbursts on sky blue background, with chocolate truffle pearls, on 14k gold-filled wires, ($30.) 2014. Special order glowing orange calla lily pendant with carnelian and jade, on Sterling silver chain. ($39) at
2014. Coral and Peruvian opal beads look very retro on vintage chain. 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2014. Asymmetric set of sunny citrines with luminescent pearls and rutilated quartz. Sterling silver wires and chain, ($40.) A modern interpretation of the style at far left, with carnelian and 14k goldfilled chain. On 14k goldfilled wires.
2014. Swirls of silver foil grace these night-black feather-shape earrings. With black onyx, on Sterling silver wires. ($28. 2014. Woodgrain polymer feathers, with lapis lazuli, on 14k gold-filled wires. ($34.) 2014. Striking wood-grain polymer with soft, oval carnelians. Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2014. Oval copper pendant with abstract line image, on 16" Sterling silver rolo chain, ($38.) 2014 Natural clamshells with peridot and (hidden) freshwater pearls, on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. Misty purple steampunk necklace: watchparts and enamel on copper. On 17.5" leather cord with Sterling silver clasp. ($35.)
2014. Fanciful gazanias with carnelian. Sterling silver earwires, ($28.) 2014. Summer garden feathers with an architectural background. With fire opal buttons on Sterling silver earwires, ($30.) 2014. Complex patterns of color with gold, reminiscent of the work of Gustav Klimt. With freshwater pearls, on Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2014. Heart-in-hand hamsa in red, black, silver and gold. 14k gold-filled wires, ($30.) 2014. Faux jade shells with antiquing. 14k goldfilled posts. ($25.) 2014. Translucent pink bougainvillea blossoms (12mm) with peridot centers on hand-made gold-filled posts. ($32.)
2014. Faceted amber chunks with substantial Bali-style Sterling silver. Sterling earwires, ($32.) 2014. Glowing 5mm labradorite beads in Sterling silver bands. On artisan Sterling silver wires. ($44.) 2014. Copper calla lily pendant with freshwater pearl and jade, on leather cord, with Sterling silver clasp, 17.5". ($44.)
2014. Reversible pendant with tactile interest and no sharp or pointy parts, on adjustable-length, soft leather cord, suitable for babies to handle while nursing (instead of pulling mom's hair, for example). ($35) 2014. Dusky pink calla lily pendant with freshwater pearl center, peridot base, and patinated copper edge. On 16" Sterling silver chain. ($30.) 2014. Tiger-eye polymer breastfeeding ring, L on one side, R on the brightly colored reverse. ($35.)
2014. Red Dress pendant: enamelled copper on adjustable-length Buna-N cord, ($40) at Illinois State Museum Artisans Shop in Chicago. 2014. Beaded leather bracelet with Sterling silver clasp, and 2.5mm turquoise beads. ($40.) 2014. Cornhusk-textured copper strips with silverleaf jasper. Sterling silver earwires. ($30.)
2014. Wisteria in bloom on slim polymer shield shapes. Sterling silver wires with pale amethyst buttons, ($28.) 2014. Ferns and flowers in shades or purple dangle merrily below teardrop amethysts. On 14k gold-filled wires, ($32.) 2014. Turquoise and red "ikat"-style feathers. With faceted natural turquoise, on Sterling earwires, ($28.)
2014. Pearly polymer seashell "fossils" with peach freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014 Knitter's pin. Real knitted fabric on tiny bamboo needles. ($28 ) 2014. Electroformed copper and polymer flower pendant, on black suede cord, 17.5". Sterling silver clasp. ($30.)
2014. Glowing white bougainvillea blossoms with peridots. On artisan Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2014. Harlequin pattern clips in yellow-green, turquoise, violet and pink ($25.) Banded polymer agate ovals, in shades of blue and lavender. Sterling silver posts, ($28.)
2014. Beach-tone oval beads with clear carnelian ovals, on Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. Faceted garnet teardrops support red lily polymer tabs. Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2014. Polymer clay tidepool beads with bright carnelians. On Sterling silver wires, ($30.)
2014. Peruvian opal and freshwater pearls, Sterling silver chain and wires. ($32.) 2014. Five perfect round white freshwater pearl peas in this petite copper peapod with blue patina. On 18" Sterling silver rolo chain. ($48.) 2014. Copper peapod with four malachite peas, on 18" leather cord, Sterling silver clasp. ($48.)
2014. Deep honeysuckle pink, spring green, dark green and deep cerulean blue retro patterned pendant in Sterling silver frame fashioned by my hands. On 18" 3mm Buna-N cord with Sterling Silver clasp, ($60.) 2014. Special order lotus outlet cover. ($26). 2014. Gilded polymer scallop shell post. Sterling silver posts. ($25.)
2014. Substantial faceted amethysts and vintage silver filigree suspended from dark green jade beads. On Sterling silver leverback wires, ($48.) 2014. A cluster of side-drilled amethyst teardrops sparkle merrily on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($32.) 2014. Genuine amber and vintage silver filigree with polymer "ivory", on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($35.)
2014. Seafoam green polymer lentils with dramatic black overlay and amazonite cubes. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. More magenta, turquoise, and yellow-green, with multicolored fern images, and mother-of-pearl. On Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. Tropical forest ovals with bright red bamboo coral coins. On 14/20 gold-filled wires, ($30.)
2014. Tiny olive shells from North Carolina, wrapped in copper wire with green patina, on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. The texture on these copper tabs is an imprint from embossed paper. With amazonite cubes on Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2014. Amber, three ways! Tiny (2mm) amber beads alternate with slender Sterling silver tubes. On artisan Sterling silver wires. ($38.)
2014. Calla lily earrings with translucent jade polymer exterior and coral interior. Champagne freshwater pearl center and jade base, on Sterling silver leverback wires. ($44.) 2014. Long gold feathers with red lilies. On studio-made spiral posts of 14k gold-filled wire. ($35.) 2014. Radiant orange calla lilies, with peridot base and center. The matching pendant was ordered for a wedding. On Sterling silver leverback wires. ($44.)
2014. Sometimes you just want little earrings. These drops are all less than half an inch. Here, clear apatite buttons with carnelian and Sterling silver Bali-style beads. Sterling silver artist-made wires. ($28.) 2014. Genuine emerald and vintage silver filigree on artisan Sterling silver wires, ($35.) 2014. 4mm turquoise beads sit atop very clear carnelian beads. Sterling silver spacer and earwires. ($25.)
2014. Weathered wood polymer tabs with matching turquoises. On studio-made 14k gold-filled wires, ($32.) 2014. Art Nouveau floral look in shades of blue on a striped background, with white freshwater pearl square "coins". On Sterling silver wires, ($30.) 2014. Turquoise and dark red, with green and gold accents--one of my favorite patterns. ($25.)
2014. Jaunty stacks of side-drilled peacock teardrop pearls, on 14k goldfilled wires, ($28.) 2014. Tall copper trapezoid with window for patterned .999 silver. On 22" vintage chain with poppy jasper accents and artisan copper clasp. ($48.)  
2014. Red lily dots on Sterling silver posts. ($25.)    
2014. Matte black polymer decorated in the manner of Japanese sword fittings, with black onyx, on Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2014. Garden fantasy in shades of red-violet, beneath a large, faceted amethysts. On 14k gold-filled wires, ($32.) 2014. Violet flowers on a dreamy background, with amethysts on Sterling silver wires, ($28.)

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