Sold in 2005 (and before)

2005. Caribbean evenings, with a steel drum band! Bronze coin pearls, Sterling silver wires. ($28.)

2005. Gracefully curved panels of polymer clay with a carnival glass effect below lustrous champagne freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, ($28)

2004. Faceted amethysts with peridot ovals and small carnelians and 24k gold covered charlottes, 16 inches. Gold-filled clasp. Purchased at Wind, Water and Light Gallery Illinois.($105.)

2005. Natural Chinese turquoise beads atop a sea of turquoise blue and turquoise green polymer clay with composition silver leaf. Sterling silver wires. ($28.)

2005. Swirls of red-orange, yellow-orange, blue, white, and black in bold feathers with faceted black onyx. Sterling silver, $28.

2005. Silvery translucent purple and green floral motif against a nautilus background on red, with glittery dichroic glass beads, Sterling silver wires. ($30.)

2005. Medium heart with Sterling silver bail on Buna cord, in colors that remind me of Japanese kimono silks. The hearts cannot be replicated, as they will all be one of a kind, but each one is as breathtaking as the next. ($35.)

2005. Blue butterfly on 14-karat gold-filled chain. His wings flap. About 17 inches. Purchased at Wind Water and Light in Champaign. ($48.)

2005. It's spring, and the bougainvillea is in bloom, at least in the studio. With peridot centers, on gold-filled wires. OTHER SIZES & COLORS AVAILABLE ($28.)

2005. All-polymer clay soybean brooch, (No, the beans aren't freshwater pearls.) ($20.)

2004. Peapod brooch: polymer clay, freshwater pearl "peas" ($30.)

2005. Floral mosaic post earrings. Purchased at 510 on Prairie" in Decatur, Illinois. ($28)

2005. Two mosaic "quilt" pins. (Each $36.) Both SOLD Please click for detail.

2005. Brocade fan pendant on black cord, 22" long (because the fan is 2-7/8" x 1-3/4"). ($35.)

2005. Another pattern inspired by kimono silks, this time in red, black, gold and silver on white composition leaf, set off by a perfect red coral barrel. Sterling silver wires. ($28). Other columnar earrings...

2005. An abstract floral pattern in light red violet, salmon and pink (an impatiens garden!) with prisms of rose quartz. Sterling silver wires, ($28.)

2005. Mosaic mosaic all-polymer clay earrings, with a delicate tracery of gold "grout". Gold-filled wires, ($30.)

2005. Bracelet of heart-shaped dark red pearls and tiny garnet tubes. Sterling silver links, 8". SOLD at Wind Water and Light Gallery in Champaign, Illinois.

2005 Resurrection lily earrings. Sold at Hands of Hope Art Auction Oct. 9 at Caffe Paradiso in Urbana, Illinois for $35. Polymer clay with peridot and citrine. Hand-formed gold-filled wires.

2005. Mystic mountain swirls of sky blue, lavender and spring green, with wrapped amethysts. Sterling silver wires. ($28.)

2005. Eleven graduated abalone tabs, with labradorite beads on Sterling silver figaro chain, 17-1/2 inches. Sold at Wind Water and Light. ($46.)

2005. Squared-off lentils in pastel orchid colors on black background. Sterling silver beads and wires. ($25.) More like this...

2005. Midnight sunset, swirls of silver, hand-formed ear wires.($35.)

2005. Four-millimeter rainbow moonstones bound inside 5-mm gold-filled jump rings. Gold-filled wires. ($34.)

2005. Faceted amethysts flanked by vermeil spacers and dark amethyst cylinders, hand-knotted on silk cord. Gold-filled clasp, 16". ($90.)

2005. Four kinds of amethyst beads, three kinds of carnelians, and two kinds of peridots with vermeil and gold-filled beads and 24k gold covered charlottes, 16 inches. Gold-filled clasp. ($79.)

2005. Frosted lavender calla lilies with peridot centers, 14/20 gold-filled wires. SOLD. ($32.)

2005. Little (10mm) white bougainvillea blossoms on Sterling silver mini wires. ($28.) Others available...

2005 Red, purple, and gold paisley and champagne pearls ($28.)

2005. Gold-filled wire flourish brooch with graduated amethysts. Also in Sterling with iolite. ($40.)

2004. Colors of Provence in this one of a kind switchplate for a rocker switch. SOLD ($15.)

2004. Art Deco-style chrysanthemum pin. ($30.) Yeah, I know I sold this last year, but I keep it here because I like looking at it--I guess I ought to make something new from this cane!

2005. SPRING MIST. Pale pink, pale green, ivory, and a hint of pearl. Check out the close-up. Six 8mm beads, plus frosted green glass spacer. ($12.)

2005. Gray-green rectangles with composition red leaf dance on burgundy squares. Sterling wires, ($25.)

2005. Sterling silver wire, brilliant green emerald chips. ($39). Peridot also sold.

2005. An Art Nouveau look in light green and dark red on shaded purple. Sterling silver wires, amethyst ovals. ($28.)

2005. STAINED GLASS GARDEN beads. Nine round and lentil-shaped beads. Through the tinted translucent windows you can see the millefiori garden. Beads range from 8mm to 21mm wide. ($18).

2005. Chips of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, atop feathers of turquoise and earthy reds, ivory background. Sterling silver wires. ($28)

2005. Elegant long paisley drops in blue, green and maize, with Bali-style silver, suspended from malachite chips. Sterling silver wires. ($30.)

2005. I covered a pen for my daughter to replace one that was part of an exotic fur print desk set her grandmother gave her. These faux tigereye beads were made from the leftovers. At Wind, Water and Light, ($25.

2005. Reversible sun and moon pendant, leather cord. ($19.)

2005. An abstract floral design in pale lavender pearl, silver and black, with Art Nouveau sensibilities, ($30.)

2005. Creamy white freshwater pearls flank tiny peridots with eight 6mm polymer beads. (16"). Purchased at Wind Water and Light, Champaign ($105.)

2004. 12mm peacock freshwater pearl in 14/20 gold-filled cage. ($35.)

2004. Calla lily in Art Deco colors with peridot center, 14-karat gold-filled leverbacks. ($40.)

2004. Iridescent freshwater pearls with turquoises and vermeil spacers. Purchased at Wind, Water and Light Gallery. ($60.)
2004. This pendant reminds me of kimono silk. Non-reactive buna cord, adjustable up to 29". Purchased at Wind, Water and Light. ($45).
2004. Faux aventurine "pinch" bead bracelet with moonstones and 14/20 gold-filled accents. ($45.)
2004. Flattened, stone-like oval polymer beads in forest green and ultramarine, with silver and black, handmade faux ivory polymer spacers. Hand-knotted on silk, Sterling clasp, 18".( $130.)
2004. Champagne-colored blister pearls, secured with 14/20 gold-filled wire on an 18" French rope chain. ($52.)
2005. Bright blue heart on rubber cord, 14-kt. gold-filled clasp. Purchased at Wind, Water and Light Gallery in Champaign, Illinois. ($25.)

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2005. Pearly translucent calla lily with peridot center, on Sterling silver chain, 17". ($38.)

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