Sold in 2006

2006. Genuine turquoise with 14/20 gold-filled figaro chain, 16.5". Sold at Wind, Water and Light Gallery in Champaign, Illinois. ($115.)

2006 Autumn colors of witch-hazel in bloom. Gold-filled wires, ($28). Sold at Wind Water and Light in Champaign, Illinois 2006 Turquoise dash! Three different kinds on hand-worked copper flourish pin, ($30.)
2006. Light and dark amber chips with sterling silver beads. ($28.) At Wind Water and Light. 2006. Tiny (8mm) squares of graduated shades of turquoise, on 14k gold-filled posts. ($25.) 2006. Glowing red freshwater pearl with faceted peridot. Gold-filled wires ($28). At Wind Water and Light.
2006. Moon tabs (with suns on the reverse). Sterling silver wires, ($25.) 2006 Sterling silver Big Chain, with rainbow moonstones, ($175.) 2006. Sparkly peridot suspended from a bold golden ring. On gold-filled wires. ($28 ) SOLD
2006. Faux wood mosaic pendant, wrapped in Sterling silver. On a 16" silicone cord. ($25.) 2006 Matching earrings, with black onyx and Argentium Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2006. 6mm peacock pearls bound in gold-filled wire.
2006. Shiny red tablets hang from handcrafted Sterling Silver spiral posts. No, I can't read the writing (don't even know if it's upside down), but it is from an authentic official or personal seal that came into my possession. ($28.) 2006 Faux wood, bound in copper,( $25.)

2006. These little earrings take my breath away every time I see them. Polymer clay and freshwater pearls, gold-filled wires. ($28.)

2006. Ivory, red, and blue-green polymer clay with a matte finish, topped by faceted red wood button beads and sterling silver. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2006. Leaf-shaped coat or jacket pin in shades of blue and green, with black accents. Matte finish, 2" long. ($32.) 2006. In yet another take on geometric meets organic, curved tabs below tiny faceted turquoises. Gold-filled wires, ($28.)
2006. Lace earrings, in ivory, turquoise and gold, with picture jasper. 14k gold-filled wires. ($28. ) 2006. Small pendant in a retro pattern of Art Deco red, black, silver and gold. On 17" non-reactive Buna cord, with Sterling silver clasp. ($25. ) 2006. Bound oval hoop, with faceted labradorite drop. Gold-filled wires. ($30.)
2006. Big and bold turquoise Bi ("donuts") suspended below clear carnelian twists. 14k gold-filled wires, ($40.) 2006. These earrings with translucent cherry and gold clay were inspired by vases in a decorating catalog (you can almost read through them). On 14k gold-filled wires. ($28.) Also (SOLD) in aqua and silver... 2006. Green and purple patterned ovals, with tiny wrapped amethysts. 14-kt. gold-filled ear wires. ($28.)
2006.Feather shaped earrings with textural gold pattern. Matte finish, gold-filled wires. ($28.) 2006. Little pillows of turquoise and copper polymer clay, linked by squared spirals of sterling silver, anchored by a little sphere of poppy jasper, 7". ($60.) Larger view. 2006. Peacock patterns of violet, blue, black and copper on white with coppery leaf, suspended from clear purple amethysts. Gold-filled wires, ($28.)
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2006. Soybead pod pin, bursting with peach-colored freshwater pearls. 1-3/8" long, ($24.)   2006. Pearly swirls of violet and green on dark polymer clay perfectly match the dark tourmaline beads. Sterling silver wires, ($28.)
2006. Turquoise chips bound with fine silver wire in artist-made Argentium Sterling silver frames. About 7.5", ($75.) 2006. Orange and blue floral patterned columns with carnelian. Sterling silver wires ($28.) 2006 Retro pattern switchplate in "the other primaries": cyan, magenta, and yellow. ($15.)
2006. Black lace over pearly violet, with champagne pearls on Sterling Silver wires. ($28.) 2006. Hand-crafted posts with red bamboo coral secured in 14k gold-filled wire. ($28.) 2006. Turquoise and white lentils, with natural turquoise beads on Argentium Sterling wires, ($28).
2006. Retro rectangles in Art Deco red, black, silver and gold. Gold-filled wires, ($25.) 2006. Shades of blue and green form symmetrical horizontal stripes for these petite rectangular tabs. Sterling silver wires. ($25.) 2006. Shadowed blue and black chevrons, with a gold accent and peacock pearl. ($28)

2006. Itty-bitty faceted turquoise pillows with itty bitty carnelians--the dangles on these sterling wires are ony 1/4" long. ($25)

2006. Simple flattened 14k gold-filled hoops, bound in gold-filled wire. ($28.)

2006. Red, blue, green and gold--the colors of ancient Egyptian designs--alternate with black onyx in a stretch bracelet. ($50.)

2006. Switchplate. The technique developed for this particular piece can be used to create patterns in any colors. ($15)

2006. These remind me of redbud leaves newly tipped out. Sterling silver posts, ($25.)

2006. Peacock patterns of red, violet, blue, and black and copper on gold with composition gold leaf. Gold-filled chain and clasp, ($30.)

2006. Blue and white twisted ribbon on Illini orange ground, lapis chip. Sterling silver wires, ($25.)

2006. Copper chrysanthemum motif pendant on turquoise polymer clay, copper bezel. Leather cord with copper clasp. ($30)

2006. All-polymer clay earrings, with a contemporary geometric pattern embossed in gold on striking black. gold-filled wires. ($28)

2006 Very contemporary, in shades of blue with silver, black and pearl, on an 18-inch shortenable non-reactive Buna-N cord. ($28.)

2006 Sky-blue turquoise polymer clay with flecks of gold leaf below a bridal white freshwater pearl. Gold-filled wires. ($28.)

2006 Subdued violets on heavy gauge sterling silver latching bangle. ($35. At Wind, Water and Light.)

2006. Aquamarine, apatite and amazonite all a-sparkle with 14-karat gold-filled and 18-karat vermeil beads. Gold-filled earwires, $65.

2006. Three white freshwater pearls caught in a net knit of fine silver wire, on Sterling silver chain, 16", $50.

2006. Elegant chains of amber, citrine, and freshwater pearls are suspended from fossilized coral pillows. Gold-filled wires, $36.

2006. Jade beads in assorted sizes and freshwater pearls bound with fine silver wire on an Argentium Sterling silver frame. Sterling silver chain, $30.

2006. Watercolor abstract rounds front these clip earrings, ($25).

2006. An Art Nouveau look in ivory and burnt orange on shaded purple. Sterling silver wires, moonstones. $28.

2006. Champagne blister pearls wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire. On gold-filled wires, $28

2006. Big (7mm x 8.5mm), beautiful, strawberry blonde freshwater pearls, silky-smooth, good luster, 14kt gold-filled safety clasp. At Wind Water and Light, $80.

2006. Opalescent polymer clay in two shades. Gold-filled wire, $28.

2006. Floral and geometric details in greens, neutrals and periwinkle blue, with coin-shaped freshwater pearl. Sterling silver wires. ($30). More this shape...

2006. Casual, romantic necklace of six large (3/4") abstract floral beads on dreamy robin's egg blue organza ribbon that you tie at the length that suits you. ($35.)

2006. Silky-smooth pillows of fossilized coral are linked with gold-filled wire to individual champagne blister pearls. About 18", with artist-made gold-filled clasp. ($90.) The fossilized coral is amazing: detail...

2006. All-polymer necklace fashioned after a 2nd C. Roman necklace. Sold at Wind, Water and Light in Champaign. ($80.)
2006. The pair of rutilated quartz beads had been sitting in my workspace for over a year getting ready to tell me what to do with them: they wanted to hang out with amber companions and a fossilized coral pillow. With Sterling Silver chain, about 17". ($45.)
2006. Amazonite cubes in artist-made Argentium Sterling frames, with Argentium silver wires (doesn't tarnish!). ($26.)
2006. Jaspers pendant on Buna-N cord: ocean jasper from Madagascar, flower jasper, moukaite jasper from Australia, and picture jasper, with a sterling silver daisy. Bound with fine silver wire on an Argentium Sterling silver frame, $30.
2006. Turquoise abacus earrings in Argentium Sterling silver frames, on artist-made Argentium Sterling silver wires (don't tarnish!). $28.
2006. Assorted colors and sizes of amethyst beads bound with fine silver wire on an Argentium Sterling silver frame, about 1" top to bottom. Sterling silver snake chain. ($30. )

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Sold in 2005 and before

2006. White callas with just a touch of green. Aquamarine centers, peridot base. Gold-filled wires. ($35.) More like this...

2006. Large amethyst twists intercalated with 4mm rounds. Vermeil toggle clasp. ($70.)

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