Sold in 2007
2007. Amazonite, apatite, and aquamarine beads cluster below wrapped 14/20 gold-filled ovals. Gold-filled ear wires, ($65.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. White daisies with gold and platinum centers on a black background dangle from freshwater pearls. 14/20 gold-filled wires, ($28.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. In another take on geometric meets organic, precisely offset stripes in a leaf (or feather) shape, suspended on Argentium Sterling wires with a smoky quartz disc. ($28 ) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.
2007. Labradorite briolettes, Sterling silver leverback wires ($48.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Multi-color polymer clay beads with multiple sizes of black onyx beads, 17.5". ($68). At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Gilded foliage patterns on brown "leather" polymer clay. Gold-filled wires, ($28.) More like this...
2007. Woodland floral pin. ($24) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2008. Big and bold retro pattern is rendered in cyan, magenta and yellow. Handcrafted Sterling silver posts. ($30.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Coppery golden suns in a bright sky, wrapped in 14/20 gold-filled wire. ($28.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.
.2007.Art Nouveau leaves, Argentium Sterling silver wires, ($28.) .2007. Large turquoise-colored polymer clay beads with flecks of composition gold leaf on glittery brown ribbon, to wear at whatever length suits you. ($40.) .2007. Hammered copper spiral ring ($35.)
.2007. Faux tooled leather on Argentium Sterling wires with labradorite. ($28.) .2007. Moonshadows. Violet and blue-green overlay on black, with Sterling-wrapped rainbow moonstones, ($30.) .2007. Narrow anticlastic brass cuff. ($50.)
2007. "Betty Rubble" polymer pebble bracelet ($60). 2007. Black and gold stripes, with black onyx. Gold-filled earwires, ($28) 2007. 14-karat gold-filled leaves, with Argentium Sterling silver stems, on Argentium Sterling silver wires.($39.)
2007. Dramatic freshwater pearls in coppery tones. About 20", Sterling Silver clasp. ($175.) 2007. Black tabs, silver script, with freshwater pearls on Sterling silver earwires, ($28.) 2007. Cavansite crystals, caged in 14/20 gold-filled wire, ($35.)
2007. Sophisticated neutrals-- hand-crafted 14-kt gold-filled posts with smoldering labradorite, abstract jungle-pattern feathers. ($32.) 2007. Multiple shapes and colors of turquoise, amber,lapis, bamboo coral, Sterling silver, and polymer clay, 22". ($120) 2007. Big half-round copper bangle.($50)
2007. Faux shards of rock, wrapped in Sterling wire. ($30) 2007. Layers of coppery coral red texture in these "feathers", and smooth red coral beads above. Gold-filled wires, ($28.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Feathers the color of moonlight, beneath freshwater pearl moons. Sterling silver wires, ($30.)
2007. Mirror-image cuts of offset stripes in graduated shades of turquoise. On Argentium Sterling silver wires with 6mm picture jasper bead. ($28.) 2007. Faux lapis polymer clay with gilded mesh texture. 14k gold-filled wires, ($28). 2007. Like Egyptian treasure, gold, brilliant orange and rich red violet laced with ivory dangle from glittery amber chips. 14/20 gold-filled wires, ($28.)
2007 Asymmetrical brass cuff with copper wire. ($50.) 2007. Dramatic feathers of cherry pink and coral on black, with cherry pink freshwater pearls. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 20007. In 1964, my best friend had a bikini in these very fashionable colors (red, purple, pink and lime green)--and they are back! Handcrafted 14k gold-filled posts. ($28.)
2007. A tab wrapped up like a package. Here, jewel tones with a chalk turquoise bead. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2007. A sun on one side, a moon on the other floats in a web of Sterling and Fine silver wire, with two tiny iolites. Sterling silver wires, ($32.) 2007. Polymer clay in shades of peach and watery green, with gold and ivory. Gold-filled wires, ($28.)
2007. "Translucent fossil art glitter" on black polymer clay--I have no idea why "fossil" is in the name. Gold-filled wires, ($25.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Purple roses, with luscious dark amethyst, on 14/20 gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2007. Turquoise "picture" hearts on tiny chains, with little spheres of natural turquoise. 14/20 gold-filled wires, ($30)
2007. "Fairy bead" necklace with peridots, gold-filled chain. ($39.) 2007. Dramatic shapes of streaky turquoise polymer clay, with floral inlay, and faceted natural turquoise. Sterling silver wires, ($28) 2007. Individually made turquoise-hued polymer clay beads with petite pyrite ovals. At Wind Water and Light. ($65.)
2007. Latching copper bangle with several shapes of turquoise beads, and hand crafted copper beads. At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. ($45.) Similar styles in several other gemstones. 2007. Bali silver earwires, with three copper spirals each that dance with every movement of the wearer. ($25.)

2007. Black polymer clay tabs, with blue floral inlay, below a blue lace agate accent. (The beads really are pale blue; the photo doesn't do them justice.) Argentium Sterling silver wires. SOLD ($28.) At Wind Water and LIght in Champaign.

2007. Riveted polymer clay bead, on a 16" rubber cord with Sterling silver clasp. ($25.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Midnight orchid grove heart, Sterling silver snake chain, 18", ($35) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Gilded fan imprints somehow reminiscent of ancient Egypt, on adjustable-length Buna-N cord, ($30.)
2007. Delicate-petalled blue flower in wisps of gossamer orange, on gold-filled rope chain( $28.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Tiny (10mm) fuchsia bougainvillea blossoms on malachite stems, gold-filled wires. ($32.) 2007. Colors inspired by coleus leaves, with glittery gold leaf within, over black. With ruby zoisite beads and gold-filled wires, at Wind Water and Light. ($28.)
2007. Tabs of gold polymer clay, with pink and green clay inlay. Gold-filled wires, ($28.) 2007. Tiny squares of striped polymer clay, wrapped up in Sterling silver wire, with a freshwater pearl "bow", ($28.) 2007. Cheerful paisley of coral, orchid, and pale periwinkle blue. Gold-filled wires, SOLD ($28.) At Wind Water and LIght.
2007. Glow-in-the-dark silvery moons in a night sky, wrapped in Sterling silver wire, ($28) SOLD 2007. Rustic snakeskin-patterned polymer clay shapes with sophisticated black onyx. Sterling silver wires, ($28.) 2007. Lightweight earrings with some Presence: 7/8" squares of shell, with emeralds spinning in the middle. Gold-filled wires, ($28)
2007 Clear gray moonstones float above a silky smooth crater-patterned feather shape. Matte finish, 14k gold-filled wires, ($28.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007. Red red with violet and blue, wrapped in gold-filled wire, on an 18" rubber cord with gold-filled clasp. ($35.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign. 2007 Three shades of amethyst beads knitted into capsules of 14k gold-filled wire. Gold filled earwire, ($30.) At Wind Water and Light in Champaign.
2007. Polymer clay interpretation of gold "boat" earrings from ancient Cyprus. 14k gold-filled latching hoop wires, ($48.) 2007. Pearly turquoise tabs with pinstripes, topped by perfect little smoky quartz spheres, Argentium Sterling silver earwires, ($28.) At Wind Water and Light in CHampaign. 2007. Pale and translucent green calla lilies, with peridot centers and bases. Sterling silver wires. ($35.)

2007. Red, black, and gold oval cabochon clips. ($25.)

  2007. This peacock feather effect came from combining bits of purple and gold and blue and green canes. Sterling silver wires with wrapped amethysts, ($30.)

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