Georgia Morgan
Modern switchplate with tropical fish. $26. Faux wood-grain outlet cover. Private collection Illinois summer switchplate with prairie coneflowers and dragonflies. $26.
South Seas look outlet cover, with basket weave and tropical flower imagery, $26. A little bit of whimsy with a 1cm mirror amongst the confetti on this standard outlet cover. $26. Double outlet cover with pink. white and peach flowers on a cobblestone background.
OP art dots! $26 Moderne switchplate with glow-in-the dark panels. $28. Triple switchplate. At Living Yoga Center.
Beech tree at night, with glow-in-in the dark moon. SOLD ($26.) Outlet cover with gold drops. Living Yoga Center Setting moon switchplate, with glow-in-the-dark moon. $26
Custom switchplate. Faux restoration. Blue rings switchplate. Private collection. Ferns and flowers outlet cover. Private collection.
Custom switchplate for the African Room at Sylvia's Irish Inn in Urbana Custom switchplate, to match granite countertop. Coneflowers and dragonflies. SOLD ($28.)
Experimental piece, installed in my kitchen.
Periwinkle leaves float over a background shading from white to sunset. $26.
Dragonflies at sunset. $28..
Custom switchplate with double helixes (helices). Private collection. I don't know what this little guy's name is (the filename is bluechocolate, but that doesn't begin to describe him), but I find him really appealing. $26. Magnolias in bloom. Private collection.
Double standard switchplate reminiscent of gold and burgundy silks and velvets. Private collection. Tree switchplate. Private collection. Custom switchplate. Private collection.
Tropical rainforest outlet cover. Private collection. Multicolored ferns outlet cover. Private collection. Pink spring outlet cover. Private collection
Faux malachite double standard switchplate. $28. Profusion of ferns and flowers on a woodsy pink background. SOLD ($28.) Shades of dawn switchplate with Japanese motif embossed in silver. Private collection
Morning glory outlet cover. $26 "Hawaiian shirt" outlet cover. Private collection. Night sky outlet cover. At Living Yoga Center.

Lavender and lace switchplate, $26.

Outlet cover. High-relief pink prairie coneflower (echinacea) on abstract purple background. SOLD ($28.)

Meadow view (I). $26.
Daylily garden switchplate, SOLD ($26.) Custom order switchplate for entryway. Blown leaves. Private collection. More from this collection...
Ferns and flowers in profusion. Donated to Krannert Art Museum for the Petals and Paintings auction on April 11, 2008 .

Meadow view (II). $26.

On a sunny day... $26.
Single traditional switchplate with petite violet motif. $22.

Outlet cover, medley of green patterns. $26.

Autumn ferns switchplate. Private collection.
Provencal colors, SOLD.

Floral fantasy. SOLD ($26.)

Retro pattern switchplate in "the other primaries": cyan, magenta, and yellow. SOLD
Retro pattern rocker switchplate in "the other primaries": cyan, magenta, and yellow. At Wind Water and Light in downtown Champaign.

Retro pattern in Art Deco red, black, silver and gold. SOLD

Lines and vines rocker switchplate, $26.
Switchplate. The technique developed for this particular piece can be used to create patterns in any colors. SOLD

Green ferns. SOLD

Terra-cotta switchplate with turquoise tiles. Private collection.
Private collection.

Private collection.

Copper metallic switchplates. Both at Wind Water and Light. Each $15.
Mola switchplate. Private collection.

Private collection.

Private collection.
Private collection.

Private collection.

The colors in this switchplate ($15) were inspired by an image in my book of Art Nouveau textile designs. SOLD
Private collection.

Green and purple dragonfly switchplate. Private collection.

Garden view switchplate. $26.

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