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ALL NEW! A rather eclectic collection this month. But these pieces will be retired to other pages or cozy corners of the database when next month's brand new pieces are posted. Look while you can!

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Lavender blues. I made the textured blue beads (closer view) for this necklace last fall, and had to wait for them to tell me which other beads they wanted to hang out with: blues, violets, and silver, they said, lots of silver. So here you are.The final result contains lapis, amethyst and blue chalcedony (and some polymer clay beads that are indistinguishable from the blue chalcedony until you touch them (they're warmer). There is an artist-made Sterling silver toggle clasp. Total length is 20.5". $158

Beach Skies earrings, to match the extravagant necklace I had up last month ( to go their own independent way. $32.

Sunlight glinting through the leaves on orchids growing below. Featherweight polymer clay, with bronze freshwater coin pearls. $30. More this shape


Barnacles? Seashell beach like the one on San Marco Island? Not quite sure what it is about this pendant that proclaims itself to be part of the beach series, but I have no doubt. On adjustable-length Buna cord, SOLD ($35.)

In 2004, my daughter and I took a walking tour of Cornwall (England). We hiked over cliffs, beaches, meadows, and through woods--7 or 8 miles a day. The woods were incredible: in mid-May, we saw calla lilies, orchids, forget-me-nots, foxglove, rhododendron (and many more, growing wild, and blooming their heads off. These 22mm "feathers" with 5mm zoisite reflect the deep woods, with purple orchids and blue forget-me-nots. On non-slip 14k gold-filled earwires. SOLD ($28.)

Tab shape at

A classic design motif from Greek antiquity. Polymer clay inlay in pale yellow ochre and red on black.. $28. More this shape...




Bridal white calla lily earrings, with peridot, on Sterling silver leverback earwires. $42. At More Calla Lily Jewelry

January Night pin. Part of a series of three Winter pins, including Sunrise (sold) and Illini Sunset. Each $24.At

Domed polymer clay pendant yellow and orange flowers and green ferns on geometric background in shades of red violet. All very subdued and subtle. With lacquered antiqued brass chain long enough (24") to slip over your head. $38.



Black and white garden motifs on yellow and black pinstripes. Very striking! With black onyx, on Sterling silver earwires. SOLD ($28.) Shades of red-violet, with black and platinum in tabs that dangle from 8mm black onyx. Argentium Sterling silver earwires, $28.

A little silver bar pin, with floral impression (actually, it's a sprig of thyme from my garden). Highlighted in copper. $30.

Elegant and understated, in hue and shape. Large (2-1/2") polymer clay pendant on adjustable Buna cord . SOLD ($36.)

Little gifts (12mm x 10mm), wrapped up with a Sterling silver ribbon, SOLD ($28.)

Is green and purple my favorite color way? Or is it blue and green? These earrings, with amazonite, on no-slip 14k-gold-filled wires, remind me of a summer meadow. SOLD ($28.)

Goddess pendant with head, and chakras marked with floral motifs, $30. At

More goddesses...

More marine-themed jewelry: tropical fish with sea anemones. With amethyst on Sterling silver ear wires. $28. At Kelp sprigs? Cheerful abstract botanical in yellow green and orange, with green chalk turquoise, on Sterling silver earwires. $28.
Violet shading to green, with a subtle silver abstract botanical. With silver freshwater pearl on Sterling silver wires, $30. (Tab shape,with mother-of-pearl, on gold-filled wires. $28) Subtler green and violet, with white and purple flowers. With green chrysoprase on Sterling silver wires. $28. At Eleven-piece mother-of-pearl fan measuring 1-7/8" by 1-3/8" on mother-of-pearl-studded Argentium Sterling silver chain. Total length: 18". Very white, very pearlescent, very romantic! $79. At

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