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The POLYMER CLAY millefiori cane beads on this page are hand-shaped and finished, in a process that takes a minimum of two days to complete. Most of the complex designs here involve several layers of cane, of which I generally form a sheet and apply in strips to raw clay base beads. The beads are then shaped, pierced, heat-cured, sanded, and buffed to a high sheen. Sometimes they are sealed with a clear acrylic finish to preserve their gloss, and buffed again to bring out every detail of the depth of the design. (You can click the process words to see what that stage looks like.) Many of the images can be clicked for an enlarged view.

Unless otherwise noted, bead holes are small, like those in gemstone beads, as the beads are finished on a 24-gauge (= 1/50") mandrel.

(last updated Jamuary 2009) An ethereal, misty green forest covers the face of this 1-1/2" (38mm) by 1-3/16" (30mm)turquoise blue cabochon (flat back) bead. There is a small (1.5mm) hole drilled horizontally a little bit above center so the bead will lay flat if strung in a necklace. This bead has been cured multiple times, sanded and buffed to a high sheen. $10. At

Large-hole bead with ferns and orange flower opposite on a gold and violet-patterned background. $4.

Large-hole bead

Large-hole bead

Four netted polymer clay focal beads, all about half an inch (12cm) in diameter and ranging in length from 13/16" to 1-1/8" (20-28cm). The height and depth of the netting is an illusion; the bead exterior is silky smooth, having been sanded within an inch of its life and buffed to a high sheen. The lapis blue, brick red and ivory beads have gold netting; the ivory bead has copper netting. $8. At



Gasp! CLASPS! Bayonet clasps in every color of the rainbow, and then some. Easy to open, click closed, 10mm. Just $4 each. Available in both goldplated and silverplated. More clasps...

Always available: CALLA LILIES, only $10 a pair. Shown above in bridal ivory pearl. Six more sets...

Large gold polymer clay focal bead with "chrysanthemum" pattern. 1-7/8" (48mm) long, and 9/16" (14mm) wide at its widest, it is still very lightweight. Sanded and buffed, sealed with a light coat of acrylic and buffed a second time. (I have used beads like this as a side focal, to great effect.) $4. At




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