Georgia Morgan
  Clip earrings
Harlequin pattrn clips in yellow-green, turquoise, violet and pink. $25.

Blue basketweave dot clip earrings. $25.

Oval polymer parquet clip earrings. At Wind Water and Light in Urbana, Illinois. $25. More clips at Wind Water and Light.

Black polymer clay clamshells with silver composition leaf. $25.

Cool summer pastels a half-inch across. $25. At Wind, Water and Light in downtown Champaign..

Dainty ridged shells pulled from molds of real seashells. $25.
Glittery foil cabochons on metallic polymer clay ovals. $25.

Sterling silver spiral clips, with turquoise polymer clay inlay, $28.

Gilded shells pulled from molds of real seashells. $25.
Red, black, and gold oval cabochons. SOLD ($25.)

Colorful ikat stripey shells. $25.

Small black polymer clay oval with glittery composition gold leaf dot. $25.



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