Georgia Morgan
  A garden of calla lilies
Tiny copper calla lily with white freshwater pearl center, and 2mm jade base. On 18" 14k gold-filled double rope chain, $48. Even tinier copper calla lily (only 7/8"!) on Sterling silver cable chain, $35. Bridal ivory, with peridot centers and bases. Sterling silver leverback wires, $44. At Matte white polymer clay calla lily earrings with jade base and platinum freshwater pearl center. Sterling silver leverback earwires. $44. At
Pale green on the outside, pale pink on the inside, like the ones in my garden. With peridot and freshwater pearl, on 14k goldfilled leverback wires. $44.
Bridal white calla lily earrings, with peridot and gold freshwater pearl, on 14k gold-filled leverback earwires. $44. At Custom order earrings with freshwater pearl centers and peridot bases. On Sterling silver leverback wires.
Polished copper calla lily with champagne freshwater pearl center and peridot base. On 18" Sterling silver rolo chain, $48. These are petal pink with green-toned pearl centers and jade bases. On 14/20 gold-filled wires, $35. Long copper calla lily earrings with jade and freshwater pearl. On Sterling silver leverback wires. $60.
Tiny Sterling silver calla lily with white freshwater pearl center. About an inch long, on 17" Sterling silver cable chain. $44. Calla lilies, shading from ivory to palest lavender, with freshwater pearl centers and peridot bases. On 14k gold-filled wires, $40. Special order polymer calla lily gently shading from pale green to pale lavender with white freshwater pearl center and Swarovski emerald base, on Sterling silver chain.
pink & green calla lily earrings
Copper calla lily pendant. Heat-patinated copper with polymer clay "opal" center. On 17" Buna-N cord with Sterling silver clasp. $44. Heat-patinated copper calla lily blossom, with freshwater pearl and jade, on leather cord, with Sterling silver clasp, 17.5". $44. Maybe you can tell I love calla lilies. I had a chance to grow them and was fascinated to discover that not only do they come in a whole rainbow of colors, but the "white" ones are pink inside and green outside after they have been open a while. These little polymer clay blossoms are 1-1/8" long and 11/16" wide, with freshwater pearl bases and centers. On 14k gold-filled wires. $36. At
Sophisticated black polymer calla lily with winter white interior. Peridot center and base. 14k gold-filled wires. $35. Black calla lilies with peridot bases and freshwater pearl centers. 14k gold-filled wires, $44. At Yellow green shading to deep orange polymer calla lily earrings with faceted peridot base and dark amethyst center. Sterling silver ear wires. These are one-of-a-kind hand-crafted flowers. In the wild, calla lilies come in a whole rainbow of gem colors. $35. At
Black calla lily shading to glowing gold. Gold freshwater pearl center. 14k gold-filled wires, $35 Matte white porcelain-look calla lily flowers with rainbow moonstone centers and faceted peridots. Gold-filled wires, $35. Spring green calla lily flowers with freshwater pearl centers. Gold-filled wires, $35.
Calla lily pendant sold at the Petals and Paintings Silent Auction to benefit Krannert Art Museum.

Shaded pearlescent calla lily flowers with faceted crystal quartz centers. Gold-filled wires, $35.

A copper metal calla lily, with peridot center and base. 14k gold-filled 18" chain, $44.
Did you know calla lilies come in just about every color, including this one? With freshwater pearls and peridot chips, Sterling silver leverback wires, $35.

These pale green callas with peridot centers have a little peridot "dewdrop" on the outside. Gold-filled wires, $35.

"Art Nouveau coral" calla lilies with green jade centers, Sterling silver bases and wires. $35.
Black calla lily with bold stripes of gold. White freshwater pearl center. 14k gold-filled wires, $35.

Calla lily pendant in soft lavender shading to yellow-green (really, it's green, not maize). With peridots, on 14k gold-filled 16" double rope chain. $39.

Do you like the favrile glass effect on these polymer clay calla lilies? Sterling leverbacks, two kinds of freshwater pearls, $35.
Calla lilies sculpted from life: I brought some calla lily tubers from Home Depot--they are amazing. Even the "white" flowers are multi-colored, and change from day to day. This is one morning's view. With rainbow moonstones on Argentium Sterling wires, $35.

Polymer calla lily earrings shading from green to lavender, with freshwater pearl centers. On 14k gold-filled leverback wires, $44.

With 14k gold-filled beads and wires, $35.
Winter white polymer calla lily with black interior. Gold freshwater pearl center and moonstone base. 14k gold-filled wires. $35

A muted shade of "Art Nouveau coral" with green garnet centers and green jade bases. Sterling silver wires, $35.

Polymer clay calla lily earrings with peridot bases and centers. 14k gold-filled earwires. These one-of-a-kind hand-crafted flowers shade from lemon yellow to sunny yellow orange, complemented by the clear yellow-green of the faceted peridot base and teardrop center. SOLD ($35). At
Red calla lily with silver freshwater pearl center and Sterling silver base. Sterling silver wires, $35.

Glistening gold polymer calla lilies with freshwater pearls and tiny rainbow moonstone. Sterling silver leverbacks, $35.

Ivory calla lilies with peridot centers, Gold-filled leverback wires. $40.
Frosted lavender calla lilies with peridot centers, 14/20 gold-filled wires. SOLD ($32.)

Blown glass effect polymer clay calla lily with peridot center, 16" Sterling silver chain. SOLD ($38.)

Pale and translucent green calla lilies, with peridot centers and bases. Sterling silver wires. SOLD ($35.)

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